Dak Prescott has been rolling. Can he lead the Cowboys to the super bowl? Comment Below!


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  • i hate dak

  • bet he never does …we 'll see

  • I'm sorry to tell you guys but Zeke and Prescott are overrated. Zeke is only a top 5 RB because of his O-Line and also Prescott has better receivers than Brady the QB who did much better than Prescott this year with not the greatest WRs

  • Good call

  • Reminds me of Rodgers

  • as a giants never will I ever like Dallas but I do like zeke and dak and Dallas just can't be the giants so the Seahawks didnt have the best chance at beating Dallas new York did

  • I hope everyone realizes Dak and Zeke could be a one year wonder like that one guy from the Rams Todd Gurley

  • we'll see this coming season. 2nd year seems to be the hardest for most rookies since the defensive coords now has films on them and their tendencies. if he performs good this season then he's for real, otherwise he's just another rookie to disappear from the radar.

  • How is the packers doing against the cowboys oh ya they bet the girls😹

  • Cowboys have been my favorite team since I was born

  • this is one of my favorite channels

  • all that Dallas needs to do is focus on defense due to the players they lost in free agency.

  • But .. that defense

  • But defense wins that's why Dallas didn't even make it to the divisional round because they lost to Green Bay if only Dallas had a defense

  • the cowboys are in trouble, if presscot gets hurt, the cowboys will be in trouble because they have no good backup, we all know how that worked last year

  • Dude this is shit happens every year and people stil fall for it like for example nick foles in 2013 and cam in 2015

  • pay him

  • or maybe the cowboys have the best o line in the league

  • this guy is no super qb good line get off his dick hes a bum mark my words he will not be good long

  • Witter had a opi btw

  • Photoshop πŸ’―

  • Romo is not coming back At least not as a starter. He is known for choking 90% of the time under pressure. This will save the Cowboys his salary. That will be used to pay Prescott salary. And still be under the cap….

  • facts hurt cowgirl fans

  • cowboys 13-3 pretty damn good

  • FYTB (fuck you tom Brady)