Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. What if he was drafted by the 49ers? Join me in an in-depth look at what could have possibly taken place if he was drafted by San Francisco. This change would have a major snowball effect on the rest of the league.

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  • KTO

    So this video took me a LONG time to make. By far the longest any of my videos have taken me, I actually cut out quite a bit of info to keep it as concise as possible. Let me know what you guys think of this video! I really enjoyed making it. Oh… by the way, the Browns KILLED the draft.

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  • what if jerry rice was passed on by the 49ers like they were going to

  • 😢This Hurts..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • nobody metions that if the Eagles win the superbowl the nfc east is the first divison to have every team win the superbowl.

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • 9ers fucked that one up. Rogers for sure would've beat Ravens

  • You're damn right big blue still pulls it out

  • Steelers hater😑

  • 8:42 "They win the NFC North once again." Found an error 😂

  • Whit if Tom Brady didn't go to the patriots

  • 49ers never get there picks right lol

  • What if Herschel Walker was never traded to the Vikings

  • They missed out on brady and rodgers lmao

  • Brady was most likely ganna win in real life

  • not to say aaron rodgers wouldnt of succeed if this situation played out. but you are severely underestimating the chip that going 24th overall in the draft put on his shoulder

  • Arron never would have been trained by Bret tho so there is no way he does this well

  • So, I can see that there may be just a little bit of bias against the Steelers…

  • Why would the Browns pick Kaepernick over Newton?

  • You should do more of these what ifs

  • would'nt the 49ers win superbowl 48

  • 6:57 unison fist pump

  • As a 49ers fan Its safe to say the niners took an L

  • I cried when the eagles lost to the cards in the NFC chip 😪😪

  • what happens to the chiefs

  • +KTO 0:58 Dude Alex Smith was Serb not Polish thats a huge misktake anyway nice video

  • what if the browns never passed on big ben

  • If the 49ers drafted AR, they would have fucked it up the same way they fucked up everything else

  • I love how Brady beats Rodgers in the sb

  • So you used madden to make it look like what they would if they played on the team.
    Did you use franchise or ultimate team.

  • Also Brett farve hated rogers

  • What if Peyton manning never got hurt

  • At 8:44 u said the niners win the nfc north. …lol last time I checked they were in the west

  • Why doesn't Smith go to the packers?

  • You have no evidence the eagles would have beaten the cards in an alternate universe. This is out of your ass

  • Your logic doesn't add up, how do you suppose they would have gotten Mike Martz? And even if they did, Vernon Davis would have been a non factor because his offenses were wr heavy. Old articles, interviews, evidence is needed to back up your theories. But it is fun to think what would have been.

  • BRADY QUINN?!?!? As a Vikings fan, I can't finish this video. Haha done