Check out the the icy picks for the top 3 Coldest Games in NFL History.

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  • -25°C is the coldest game in nfl history? lmaoo

  • Man… I would only join a pile of people fumbling for the ball just to get warm.

  • i bet if they had a top ten green bay would easily have at least four of the coldest games

  • This is when you KNOW they are running out of ideas

  • I live about 10 minutes away from Bart Starr and see him every week. I have GOT to ask him about the ice bowl!

  • anyone notice all the games were championship games or is it just really cold near that time of year of the championships

  • Not Even Cold. In Finland People Play Sports Even In -30 Degrees

  • Just insane it's crazy the football did not go frostbite on there hands!

  • Ya the chargers suck.
    They left SD and now no one likes them

  • I live in Green Bay and I say the ice bowl might as well have been played on top of Everest.

  • of course 2 of them r in Wisconsin I live in it winters r tough but ya lol

  • 1980 Oakland at Cleveland playoff game had a wind chill of minus 35 below.

  • Bengals is #1 because temps reach -29 degrees

  • when they are all champion ships

  • G

  • Zig

    What about that game where it was 4 degrees and some of the Giants we're warming up without shirts on?

  • Shouldn't the 2016 wild card game, Minnesota vs Seattle the temperature was -6 degrees

  • It is so odd that all of these games were NFC or arc championships

  • Fahrenheit is such an illogical measurement. It makes no sense at all.
    +32 = Freezing cold. What?!

  • In Chicago, week 14 vs Green Bay, temperatures reached 0 degrees and windchill was -10. It was so cold that a Bear's C fell off!