New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount is voted the 80th-best player in the NFL by his peers on “Top 100 Players of 2017″.

  • Blount leads the league in TDs and has over 1,000 yards…also, is the leading rusher and non-QB/K scorer of the NFL champions: #80

    Malcolm Butler has a great season, after a pro bowl year, and gets #99

    Adrian Peterson plays three games, with eighty total yards and zero TDs….Still makes "Top 100" at #98, one before Butler and only eighteen behind the league leader in rushing TD's.

    Nah, it's not biased. lol.

  • Tom Brady g.o.a.t and Lagarret Blount g.o.a.t

  • I'm a Patriots fan so Lagarret Blount he is my favorite rb I believe he will be in the hall of fame one day

  • Chargers should sign this guy to a one year deal to pair with Gordon with their new offense line

  • He led the fucking league in rushing TDs, and he only gets to 80? Good home NFL, you're drunk.

  • LeGarrette Blount Linda reminds me of an old redskins running back called John "Diesel" Riggins. Especially with that play against the steelers.

  • that touchdown was so incredible, an awesomal maul in rugby

  • the eagles are fricken morons if they don't pick him up

  • I wanna smoke a blunt with Blunt!

  • love this guy its a long shot but hope we bring him back

  • imagine Blount and Demarco Murray in a Two RB set🐐

  • He's not better than butler or Hightower? He disappears in the playoffs, I'm glad he's gone. Just a system running back, we make him look good, we resurrected his career.

  • best rb in the league hands down end of discussion

  • 0 out of 32 NFL teams have offered to pay Blount like a top 500 player this offseason… When they say "voted on" by NFL players, I have a very hard time believing it's purely their votes – NFL players aren't this ignorant.

    Punching in 18 TDs because you're on a brilliant team doesn't make up for averaging under 4 yards per carry. He's a competent player, that's all.

    Fantasy football warps perceptions.

  • The Goal Line King!

  • They snubbed him from the pro bowl and now 80? He deserves to be higher I think any way he has great seasons before and after the whole Steelers side show. One of my favorite Patriots players

  • I've seen some better runs from this guy than Marshawn. There's nothing that is going to change that so don't bother.

  • He found a home on the top 100, but not the in patriots

  • my man develin should be on this list man lays down monsterous blocks

  • Dam no one in the league has enough respect for him to talk about him here

  • Funny how they make it look like Brady and Bill like him but they both have the power to give him what he wants and they are like no see you later

  • best video so far… i expect Brady Number 1 to be the best

  • What team he on?

  • what nfl is doing more of these way earlier than expected

  • bumbed we couldn't resign him

  • And he doesn't even have a team to play on next year!!!

  • second….

  • First