Check out all the absolute worst, most embarrassing plays in NFL history! DeSean Jackson, Leon Lett and others make our Top 10!

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  • – I recovered the fumble and I thought wtf an endzone is an endzone they're all alike

  • I still laugh about the Colts fake punt to this day lol

  • is this what you americans call soccer lmao

  • That Sanchez play is so funny

  • Where is that play of the cowboys player dropping the wide open td in super bowl?

  • The hawks pass from the 1 yard line on 2nd down was the worst play in sports history whoever called that play should be kneed straight in the fukin face 8 times

  • There's worst plays then that only last season lol

  • #9 wasn't that bad lol romo just fumbled the snap and he almost made it to the endzone

  • #4 should be #2 and probably #1, because it was one of the most nonsensical play calls in NFL history. What were they trying to accomplish? It wasn't even executed correctly. They weren't even trying to be clever, just stupid. Might as well just handed the ball to the Pats. At least every other play on this list someone was making an effort. How did Pagano keep his job after that? As an owner I would have wrung his neck, then fired him.

  • If im Mistaken When Tony Romo attempted to do a field and they missed it and when he went for that touchdown was that suppose to be a 2 pointer i might be wrong hmmm…

  • ok so #4 even if that went as planned what would have happend

  • "Sanchez got hammered"
    no, no he hammered himself

  • none by the browns tho wow

  • punt fail

  • Why Dallas cowboys

  • What about the Malcolm Butler interception?

  • Leon lett 😂

  • 2009 NFC Championship, the Vikings probably win that game if Sidney Rice knew how to play WR. but since MN has a love affair with fast receivers that are dumb as rocks, they lost the game.


  • #9 That wasn't an extra point, it waas an actual field goal attempt. But I never though about it when he said Martin Graumatica not blocking, he probably would of scored if he did

  • Oopty f×ckin' oop!!

  • Babineax!

  • "wookie" xD lol