An epic Tom Brady comeback in Super Bowl LI erased plenty of storylines.

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  • Qhah

  • Id like to see this for the cubs indians game 7

  • Who Dat

  • LMAO I absolutely love it. It seems that Patriot Nation were the only ones that had unshakable faith in the GOAT. Well at least the loyal fans

  • Great video, combined with all the misery videos (falcon fans video'ing themselves watching this game), it just caps off a great season 🙂

  • I bet falcons fans wanted to die after this

  • Lol it's funny reading the sports writers first stories on the superbowl. I can't blame them though, everyone but us crazy Pat's fans ruled them out by the third quarter.

  • damn Hunter S Thompson at the superbowl? whoaaaaaaa. one of those full circle moments again, but only slightly

  • Cam

    We will get back #Riseup

  • I would hate having to write a paper about something like that.

  • BK

    The comeback kid once again

  • 5 is good but what about 6? #steelernation

  • i still do not understand how one blows a 20+ point lead….

  • its weird how that Pats have a lot of controversies right? I mean just weird

  • Damn, hearing their pre-mature stories on why the Patriots lost is strikingly reminiscent of the 2016 election. How many of these pre-mature stories were written celebrating Hillary's victory?

  • tom brady is the GREATEST EVER TO EVER DO IT

  • Brady Was bleeding

  • At the end of the day it’s Robert Alfred fault for not catching that interception

  • I still think , that guy didn’t score

  • The Falcons took the foot off the gas thinking it was in the bag. The Patriots were pushed and manhandeled through out almost three quarters. Matt Ryan put together a couple first downs-game over !!!

  • No one remembers the New Miracle at the Meadowlands??

  • They just need any stop…..
    They just need any score….
    They need to win the coin toss…..
    But everything they did was not enough sorry Falcons maybe next time