It was a 28-3 blowout and the game was all but over… until it wasn’t. Starting with 8:36 left in the 3rd Quarter, relive the greatest comeback in the history of football: Super Bowl LI.

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  • Wait until they lose Brady

  • 🐐🐐

  • Are we all jus gonna forget that the Eagles came back 28 points to win it against the Giants almost 7 years ago on December 19, 2010?!???!!?

  • To think that nobody was going to draft this legend but luckily there was another legend that gave him a chance, thanks to you bill we get to see the greatest QB of all time give us some amazing ass games. I can’t believe no one wanted to draft someone who’s won 5 Super Bowls. It really is astonishing.

  • me: hey siri define victory
    siri: the defenition of victory is patriots
    me:siri's never wrong

  • Eagles vs giants was better. 28 points in 7 minutes

  • 0:17 backround mayweather?

  • The overtime in NFL should be like college. Both teams should get a chance

  • Bills vs. Oilers is still the greatest. More points, unknown QB without his star RB, his 1st playoff game ever, his 2nd start ever, and up against a team with the 3rd best defense in the league at the time (Falcons were 27th). And the win was one of only 5 wins as a starter for his ENTIRE career.

  • Alex Smith>Tom Brady

  • Goat and best team ever

  • Falcons were the gcot

  • didn't the broncos score a 2 pt. conversion against the Seahawks in super bowl 48?

  • In SPORTS HISTORY, not just football

  • It wasn't just the greatest comeback ever it was also in the super bowl zeez falcons

  • A Quarter comeback for the win. Some might say it's impossible.

  • Best Superbowl best comeback in the history patriots show us what is about have faith ,

  • I'm still watching videos like this.
    And I'm still having a heart attack.
    Nice video by the way! 😽

  • At the OT coin toss: "it's is heads the patriots have won the Super Bowl" lol that's what McCouty's face says

  • I cry whenever i watch this video😭😭😭😭

  • Except it's not the greatest comeback ever. 93 wild card, bills were down 35-3 and came back and won.

  • Greatest comeback in football history? What is this garbage go watch the 2010 giants vs eagles game.

  • Pats are cool

  • Eagles can giants was way better

  • White should've won the MVP award for the game

  • Tom Brady proved why he is the greatest quarterback of all time before this it was a debate but now it isn't.