Marshawn Lynch opens up about his iconic “Beast Quake” run versus the Saints in 2010 Wild Card Playoffs.

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  • He sounds like 21 savage

  • And Pete carol couldn't run him in the super bowl, okay PETE

  • I fapped to this

  • That entrance.

  • Should of showed him Ezekiel Elliott's 83 yard run

  • ima raiders fan GO MARSHAWN

  • I'm curious how Lynch feels about Peterson's runs, and vice versa.

  • Some people get good plays by hard work,
    This man has hard work and skittles
    Taste the rainbow

  • so awesome to be alive and witness something so amazing. makes me sad to know ill die and never see another single game again. all the future HOFers ill miss out on. tragedy.

  • uh oh

  • Greatest run in the history of football.

  • The greatest run I've ever witnessed. Love this guy.

  • Should have showed him one of O.J. Simpson's run

  • I don't know, it might be trouble…

  • 4:39 his reaction is funny

  • Can we get a highlight of him delivering a real stiff arm not "baby stiff arm"?

  • I will never get over the fact he's a ring short. He may have, but I haven't.

  • The Colts must've thought- "We lost to these guys in the super bowl?"

  • He Low-key a ass

  • Is he making a interview?

  • Why haven't all those films been digitized?

  • WHO WANNA SEE LYNCH PLAYING AS BEASTMODE (i know hes with oakland)

  • Robert Mathis live sideline reaction is hilarious. Look at the facial expressions

  • "Just a lil baby stiff arm" LMAO

  • every single man on the saints defense took a solid shot at him and he still made it to the end zone

  • R.I.P saints that year but the best run from beastmode himself

  • I'm not saying Lynch isn't a beast but those tackles were horrendous. Watch some rugby if you want to see proper tackles from behind.

  • I still can't believe he's going tinge playing for the Raiders

  • God damn skittles. Lol

  • Did he really say that was a little stiff arm man he made that guy go flying

  • I laughed way too hard at that intro

  • he's like Marion barber and same number to what a trip

  • It will be painful to wath him playing for another team than my Seahawks… but we are thankful with him and we love him, we're glad to see him playing for his hometown team

  • He's so awesome

  • Oakland baby we here! at least for 2 more seasons

  • Marshawn sounds like cube. Right? Grabbing nuts πŸ₯œ on the dive.

  • "Tracy Porter came up. I gave him a little stiff arm."

    Flies back 10 yards

  • He's was just there so he wouldn't be fined

  • he won't be the same beast without seattle but I'm happy he is finally in Oakland his home

  • might be trouble

  • He's so cool

  • We know marshawn happy to the max to play for his hometown team it's every players dream to do that

  • Aaannnnd now hes on oakland…

  • Ironic Porter made the game winning INT vs Indy but failed to capitalize vs "BEASTMODE" … It was TROUBLE after the snap count πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Marshawn Lynch,Β  one of the most over-rated running backs in the history of the NFL.Β Β Β  dude had a few good runs andΒ  people think he is the best ever.Β  never mind the 95% of all his other runs that didn't do squat,Β  nobody remembers that he wasn't a good runner onΒ  a regular basis, they only remember the 3-4 good runs he had.Β Β  definitely shaking my head at all you "bandwagon" people that cant think for yourselves.

  • No OJ runs?

  • Who breaths like thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Btw I was the 1k like. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―