The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Chicago Bears during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  • how does the best team in nfl lose to the worst team in nfl

  • lets go pistperg

  • i hate the bears steelers rock!!

  • wow

  • Yes I love the Bears and I love this game too

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  • Weird to think I was here

  • Damn bruh that hold though

  • Nobody saw the holding on the game winning touchdown!?!?

  • they would advertise for north korea for some cash sellouts


  • I hate the Steelers I hope they all get hurt this season and they lose every game😡

  • This is the worse that I have seen the Steelers play in a long time. But regardless, the Bears did not win that game. The holding call should have been made.

  • 4:13 he did a "Leon Lett" right there.

  • Clearly The Steelers left their talent in that locker room as well…

  • LMAO @ Anyone who thinks bears should be 2-1. Y’all definitely NOT better then the Bucs stfu 😂😂 #1-2

  • Steelers need to learn to tackle.

  • Why does nobody talk about the illegal batting by the Steelers punter?If he had fallen on the ball and not given the field goal to chicago, his team would have won the game.

  • I am a Navy Vet and 31 years old dying from Stage 4 colon cancer
    Please sign Thank you
    Show them how many Americans love their country and respect the soldiers that fought dying for our land!

    Make NFL AMERICAN AGAIN!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mm m.

  • steelers choking. but seriously, on a blocked field goal on a way to a touchdown, youre really gonna just let off the gas lol

  • That is the only win of this year..

  • Howard and Cohen looking like Freeman and Coleman

  • I bet y'all Jordan won't do that to GB PACKERS tonight

  • What kills me is that there was no mention of Chicago's venue is called "SOLDIERS FIELD " 😳🇺🇸🇺🇸 and the disrespect was shameful! Hoo rah!

  • Shaheen has some speed. Caught up to Cohen pretty well on the 2nd to last play

  • Tune in next week when the Bears and Steelers play other teams to empty stadiums.

    Oh please please shut these over paid crybabies up and send them home.

    We still have college. At least for now.

  • Not a Bears fan, I'm just glad they stomped the Steelers.

  • Well I've said it since their rookie debut and will continue to stick with it Howard is better than zeke

  • Also never underestimate a bad team

  • The NFL was once a National football league that represented unity, honored the Nation with the anthem, and the military with fly overs and salutes. Even if all didn't agree It followed and enforced its rules and guidelines like the USA did 8 years ago and before. I am saddened to see the league make itself a medium for strife and division all the while dishonoring all that has served and fallen since the Declaration of this Great Nation. R.I.P NFL. I remember when you where Great too…

  • Cicag0

  • It's cool I dnt see them making the playoffs. Lol

  • THE STEELERS ARE CRAZY!! Wait Wait Wait…….So because of what President Trump said you're not going to show respect to our Flag(you guys get paid a lot of money and you can't show Respect to our Flag). Think of all those people in the Army that fought and are sill fighting for us. I never did like the steelers but now, I Highly Dislike the steelers!! All I can say is Please Stop this Crap!! Also, Rich Eisen Stop!! I didn't like what you said about Donald Trump.

  • Bears will beat green bay

  • congrats bears. still shouldnt have won. 2 blatant holds on the last 2 runs

  • Good bye NFL. Not one more dime from us!

  • This is what the Steelers get for staying in the tunnel during the national anthem

  • Tomlin is not able to separate being an NFL coach and being a black guy when he has a US Military Veteran on his own Team. Team, what does Team mean? Team first or angry black guys first, make up your mind you coward.

  • Steelers Coach Tomlin is a disgrace to all America

  • Send the NFL Players to Puerto Rico instead of the US Military

  • The NFL is done

  • If that was holding then I guess you could call holding every play..

  • Bears deserved that win. I am proud they really play this time.