The Seattle Seahawks defense showed the world exactly how hard it can be to punch the ball in from the 1-yard line with your powerful running back.

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  • #TOMTHECAT yea sure you beat us when it mattered but you don't need to talk trash to Seattle fans like me about it and Just take the loss like a man m8

  • Stupidest wanted PI call if anything Gronk pushed off

  • i saw this live

  • Gronk initiated the contact so he could push off and go to the corner of the end zone make the catch. No conspiracy this time. Good no call

  • gronk pushes off on every play and wants a PI

  • PATRIOTS WERE ROBBED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:40 Is it weird that I laughed at the part where #28 gets upset.

  • Gronk was all focused on bringing Kam to the ground stop crying!

  • Funny how gronk looked for a flag even tho he pretty much ran chancellor down

  • "If it isn't PI to the refs" IT WASNT PI ANYWAYS

  • Thats a video about offense while it should be about the Defense!!

  • And to think New England statistically had a better scoring defense than Seattle last season, it really is too bad that Earl got hurt, they could've made it 5 straight seasons.

  • Best game of the regular season

  • they both had contact on each other thats y they didnt call it

  • gronks funny but hes an idiot

  • Lmao here comes the butthurt pats fans to come up with a shitty excuse xD

  • Is no one going to mention the kid ringing the bell at the beginning… I mean cmon 😂😂

  • The Patriots should have run the ball with Blount on every single play on the goal line. And Tom Brady lost us the game because of the fumble.

  • this is why Hawks need Bam! please extend his contract!

  • 0:43 They pulled a Jazz LMFAO

  • Kam grabbed, Gronk pushed off. Should've been holding, but this loss was the turning point for NE winning the SB.The defense never played as horrible as they did that night. The Pats went undefeated without Gronk. The rest is history

  • who agrees with me that it was pi against gronk

  • we know we should've ran the ball but Yall ran the ball and still couldn't pass the best defense #LOB!!!!

  • Patriots fans: seeing your team wouldn't be so bad if all of you weren't such annoying fans that constantly talked crap and couldn't accept losses

  • I love the hawks and the pats mad BC there was no defense pi call cracked me up

  • It was pi in Groningen not kam!!!!

  • I don't understand how it could have been PI on Kam. You can jam the receiver for 5 yards and thats wha he did. If anything, it was PI on ground because the receiver can't shove the CB to the ground mid play. The pats just need to suck it up and learn from SB 49.