The Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  • L

  • If the seahawks had a kicker that knew how to kick a football, theyd easily be 12-2

  • K.J Wright sound fruity as hell…

  • After that last touch, some say JG will forever make touchdown wins for the 49ners from now on.

  • …its funny how 3 weeks can CHANGE DRAMATICALLY for Our 49ers🤔…🤣😂🤣😂🤣…👍😁

  • NFL,
    Seahawks @ 49ers,
    First Half,
    1st Qtr,
    Seahawks 7-0 49ers,
    Seahawks 14-0 49ers,
    Seahawks 17-0 49ers,
    Seahawks 24-0 49ers,
    2nd Qtr,
    Seahawks 24-3 49ers,
    Seahawks 24-6 49ers,
    Halftime Score
    (Seahawks 24-6 49ers),
    Second Half,
    3rd Qtr,
    Seahawks 31-6 49ers,
    Seahawks 34-6 49ers,
    4th Qtr,
    Seahawks 34-14 49ers,
    Seahawks 34-21 49ers,
    Seahawks 34-24 49ers,
    Seahawks 34-31 49ers,
    Final Score
    (Seahawks 34-31 49ers).

  • This team would be shopping for a top 5 pick without Russell Wilson.

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  • Man, that was close; I thought the 49ers had it…

  • Amazing win and playing by the Seahawks, Seahawks can do it against the eagles, #groundtheeagles #seattlesuperbowl

  • 49ers: good players, shitty decisions

  • 90% of the comments are about Blair Walsh😂

  • Eagles16 vs 20Seahawks LIKE

  • Blair Walsh Jeremy Lane and Maxwell are all ass

  • Looks like San Fran may have finally found a decent QB. Good luck out there on the West Coast here from an Eagles fan. Been a while since I seen something go right for that team. Cool to see that is looking promising.

  • DJS

    6:29 Seattle logic: at the one yard line with a strong rb against a trash team… run the ball! Nope they slant

  • Oi oi oi oi oi! Mamma mia!

  • Russell Wilson is insane. Some of those scramble plays he pulls off are unbelievable.

  • Wilson just carry the team.

  • 49ers stop celebrating at the end u lost #GOHAWKS

  • The dubbed-in crowd noise makes these highlights even highlightier.

  • Why did we ever trade Hauscha away, he wouldn't of missed

  • goooooo seawaks ilove,loser 49ers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂