Following their Round 1 selection during the 2017 NFL Draft, EA Sports revealed personalized Madden avatars to NFL rookies. See their epic reactions.

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  • 0:560:59 nobody punts on 4th down😂

  • EA SPORTS is in the Game.😃😃😃😃😃

  • "Im a blocker, I can catch the ball"

  • Tell me why Solomon Thomas sounds like wolfie raps

  • Madden isn't that good anymore imo

  • what about deshawn

  • Highest ratings at each position

    QB Tom Brady or Matt Ryan

    HB Leveon Bell

    FB Kyle what's his name

    WR Julio Jones

    TE Travis Kelce of Gronk

    Highest Tackle joe Thomas

    Highest Interior lineman Marshal Yanda

    Highest Dt Aaron Donald

    Highest D end J.J watt or Michael Bennett

    Highest outside linebacker Von Miller or Justin Houston

    Highest interior lb Luke Kuechly or Bobby Wagner

    Highest Corner Casey Heyward (bold) Chris Harris or even Marcus Peters(bold)

    Highest Safety Landon Collins or Even Earl Thomas

    Highest kicker is Justin tucker

    Highest punter is Marquette king or johnny hekker

  • Boring didn't do deshaun

  • I made myself…… I'm short

  • Where are the top rookies? Garrett? OJ Howard? Others?

  • 0:14 When you get drafted by the Redskins .

  • Adoree is a G

  • Already got that 99 overall Solomon Thomas on my ultimate team

  • who users a running back? (1:09)

    oh, never mind

  • Adorre reminds me of
    Dion Sanders, uh oh

  • I got 96 Adoree Jackson with maxed chems

  • Fournette is like "I can block, I can catch, I can look in two directions at once, I can do everything"

  • where is Hingle McCringleberry?

  • Football! 👍

  • thank you for the subtitles

  • I don't get why it's a big deal all the other tires look pretty similar they don't really have a lot of difference in them wasn't really impressed I mean Alan looked skinny he asked me on his avatar

  • Watch my video called, talk show with Dunebug, I talk about football and dogs

  • Is that guy going to bring that picture of his grandma everywhere or….

  • Don't the rookies know how to create their own player?

  • Everybody looks exactly the same wtf lol

  • Takk McKinley is gonna b a dog

  • yeah duh!

  • I'm on Madden too.

  • Sad you have to actually read subtitles for some of them

  • where Watson at !!!

  • ross is about to be sick on madden lol

  • I put adoree' Jackson at kick and punt return and he is a beast

  • ESPN 2k5 is still better..

  • I'm excited to play as Deshaun Watson