“A Football Life: Roger Staubach” documents how Staubach came close to never stepping on a football field. Take a look at how Staubach was able to overcome adversity and become Captain America.

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  • The Green Bay Packers are my favorite team.
    Roger Staubach is my favorite Quarterback.

  • As an Eagle fan. He was awesome. Winner.

  • I am watching this again because for a field a trip we went to the naval academy in Annapolis and saw his plaque

  • If anyone remembers who Pat Tillman is, I can still remember how I thought he was going to be the next Roger Staubach like "Captain America" for the NFL once he was done with his 2nd service over in the Middle East before the whole disaster of his death and then the government lying about how he died then. He was a great leader of men, he was totally unselfish, hard working, and a good football player.

  • I Think The NFL Network Should Have "A Football Life" On Danny White.

  • The reason why I wear a no.12 jersey. 😊

  • Captain America

  • The craziest thing in the video is bill belechek smiling

  • Some say the greatest 2 minute qb ever

  • Truly a man with ethics and the drive to be the best….I quit watching pro football when he retired.  Hated the Steelers, but what a pair of teams.  Bradshaw was equally full of ethics and true talent.

  • Lifelong Skins fan here…I don't ever remember Staubach having a truly bad game….even when Dallas got beat, Roger still played great.

  • I may be a steelers fan from Pittsburgh but I have always had respect for mr staubach and coach laundry.If my kids grow up to be half of the man they our I would be proud

  • The original Johnny Manziel except he was good 😉

  • Top 10 ever. Ohio product!!

  • Ok ok lets not get crazy over this. Im sorry if i offended you in any way.

  • this guy is the reason why I love them cowboys my childhood here

  • That little finger wiggle under the chin: that is the famous Little Rascals high sign popularized from the children's show.

  • somebody please tell me the song straight after the opening scene pls???!!!! i can shazam it HAHA

  • the michael Vick of the 1900's.

  • What's the name of that song?

  • I just finished watching the complete episode. I'd always rooted against The Cowboys. I look back now and I have no clear reason why. Except that maybe that "America's Team" nickname bugged me. At that point in my life I may have been a little anti-hero leaning. But now? With some wisdom (hopefully) and experience under my belt I can say that I've grown. I wish that I'd known enough then to have been rooting for Roger during his playing days. Because I missed out on rooting for a true gentleman who was worthy of being held in high esteem. What a great quarterback he was. A great human being he still is.

  • Roger staubach is my hero I think he was one of the most best qb s in the game go cowboys!!!!!!!

  • Those were good times back when he was playing.

  • Roger Staubach……….the one man who truly lives up to……..the Legend……that he is!

  • As an Eagles fan growing up, I hated the Cowboys, but I respected Staubach.  Danny White?  Please.  Staubach was the leader who helped the Cowboys win 2 Super Bowl rings.  I don't think it's coincidence that the Cowboys lost 3 NFC Championship games in a row in the early 1980s with Danny White.