2016-17 NFL season
Take a look at some of the record-breaking combine drills from past years.

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  • The sprint in the beginning was so fast that the camera almost couldn't keep up lol

  • He benches 225 like I bench the bar by itself at the beginning

  • Nwo

    wow solid ass benching

  • #4.22

  • Cheehee polynesian pride !!!!!

  • "das it mayne" – commentator

  • that last guy had legit autism

  • verticals are bullshit… are you seriously going to tell me that was a 45 inch vert.. 3 inches from 4 feet of air. that would mean the bottom of his feet should be 4 feet high. basically at the bottom of the chest top of the abdomen of the combine instuctor right next to him… whats the point

  • I like the guy on the cone drill. you can tell he meticulously planned every single step, foot plant, and cut

  • I CAN DO BETTER! Hold my beer.

  • 49 reps holy fuck dude

  • Monster bench press

  • I think the guy could've gotten a few more reps in if he would have brought his elbows in.

  • That bench press was flawless he didn't bounce, he locked out, and he kept the bar even.

  • 49 reps legit! 👍

  • Jeff Maehl? Who's he? Lol

  • no i am am in Hawaii 3 hour difference

  • 1st