The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars, 19-17, during Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season.

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  • still remember this game went wild at the end the ravens way better than that this year

  • 3-0 was a dream come true

  • I watch a whole bunch of raiders highlights and this is recommended for me

  • Who else went to see this game?

  • I heard that they're playing in London for week 3 of the season.

  • I never saw a blocked field goal

  • Defense just lost us the season

  • jags jerseys so clean

  • Blake is so trash

  • need ray rice and Willis migahee back

  • ravens better win a ROAD game other wise no playoffs this is last time well Change that vs patriots

  • Bro that out route by Allen Robinson at 1:30 🔥😍

  • so many back to back turn overs

  • so much defense

  • Go to 44 seconds ……allen robinson got mad hops

  • ilovetheravins

  • Yea, the ravens suck do bad now, that its become hilarious watching them play especially every time u see the cornerbacks and safeties get burnt all the time. They are nothing without Ray Lewis. They really need Ray Lewis. They are the worst they ever been. No one on that time now is any good except for their kicker Justin tucker.

  • 1:21 block in the back

  • 2:20 RAMSEY went head hunting.

  • Man Baltimore And Those Damn Blocked Kicks….

  • Holding – number 53, offense – 0:24

  • Great game

  • Fire Marc trestman please

  • As a Ravens fan, I have to say, ugliest 3-0 ever

  • Baltimore will get beat by the Raiders they are not 4-0 good. They have played only weak teams

  • I would love to see the Jags actually win some games. I feel bad for that fanbase with their team not doing well practically every year. Hopefully they get the wins soon. -A Hawks fan


  • Raiders gonna get the W in Baltimore

  • both teams did their best to throw this game away


  • go ravens!

  • it's tough being a Jaguar fan smh our draft always looks good the season starts and we do bad smh