NFL Head Coaches guess where the term “Peter” came from when staying away from the football on a punt.

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  • Belichick is trying to be Bane? or the Bat?

  • kate nolans voice is soo annoying.

  • I love how all the coaches revert to their 12 year olds selves when talking about the Peter

  • Rex Ryan Loos like a super villain

  • They say peter because it doesn't sound like anything else you hear on the field

  • But where did Poison come from?

  • peter peter the pumpkin eater

  • Im in junior high and thats what our coach taught us. Dont get caught playing with it

  • Thought my video froze and only audio was playing, then realized it was just Bill's facial expression

  • In Marine Corps boot camp back in the pre politically correct homosexualized military our DI on one of the first nights started ranting about we don't want any fuckin peter pumpers in the racks at night…so I think the peter euphemism is pretty much the same, don't touch the peter.

  • lmao all the bad coaches say peter😂😂

  • Harbaugh knows everything… except ineligible receiver rules.

  • because peter is easier to say than poisen????

  • Great coach or not, Belichik is a smug asshole

  • Edelman said Peter means hurry up and snap the ball so the refs cant check a catch etc

  • Harbaugh knows everything. Except about players reporting as ineligible.

  • lol

  • don't play with your peter!

  • Just wait for all the feminists and rainbow brigade to jump on this for homophobia.

  • They all know. They just know how to talk to media as well

  • Belicheck would be a great mumble rapper.

  • Is Jay gruden dissing on Harbaugh, fuck that ham face faggot

  • Holy shit, Belichick smiles? I'm pinching myself right now…

  • at my high school its called fire

  • they got belichik to smile, holy fuck

  • The first time they said the euphemism they went completely over my head. Didn't realize they meant penis

  • Peter – Pidor=Faggot (on russian))) Lol


  • all the bad coaches yell Peter

  • Cyrus jones needs to watch this video


  • They should say "Leon" right. Or "Lett"

  • Came here curious and left strangely aroused

  • Belichick was the only coach who knew lol

  • it's for penis. no one wants to grab another man's penis they just can't say penis out loud so they dubbed it Peter

  • Peter is a euphemism for a gay person or a penis

  • I'm only watching cuz I saw belicheck

  • Playing football I only ever heard the term fire used

  • I never seen anyone so giddy to say peter
    especially on what it means😂

  • Definitely Peter

  • I think it means let the ball roll and peter out, an old expression meaning to lose momentum and die off. "His explanation was going strong then it kinda…petered out