The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

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  • Activity double cancel profession difference seat feeling consider tree paint ski dance.

  • Wow falcons suck!!

  • I hate hearing about this game

  • 10:13

  • The New England is my city patriots vs the Atlanta falcons

  • Tom Brady is a cheater that's why draft champions I never pick tom brady

  • capri

  • Patriots Cheat Every Single F**king Year Of Football….It Ruins Football For Me And Maybe Some Other People….Like If U Agree!

  • Im glad bennets bum ass didn't make the last catch to win

  • Crazy game.

  • This game really showed u how average blount is


  • Yeah, I am a salty Falcons fan, but pause at 20:17 and talk to me later…

  • GG Brady eve though WTF Atlanta you had that game

  • knee was down at the 1 yard line children, sorry, i think they had to run another shot if you ask me.

  • Don't let this game distract you from the fact that the globo gym purple cobras blew a 4-1man advantage against average Joes in the ADAA international dodgeball tournament championship

  • How do you score in this game?

  • Emotional estimate survey departure shame find ahead right belt.

  • i was playing madden and came back to watch edelman make my favorite catch of all time

  • Hello baby

  • My phone is about to die, does anyone in San Diego have a charger?

  • Don't let this video distract you that the oilers blew a 35-3 lead

  • This is a good rugby -_-

  • 3k sad falcons fans lol

  • Bruh I'm still shocked of how they came back tho😲😲

  • I knew as soon as the patriots won the toss in ot they were going to win

  • The first 12 mins of the video is Brady either throwing in-completes or getting sacked hahaha and he's the greatest this sports ever seen?

  • To this day I still have no idea how Edelman caught that ball. After that, I felt very confident the Pats were going to somehow find a way and win this game.

  • You might want to change your description there NFL. How can they come from 28 points down when the score was never 28-0????

  • Who is still watching this in August

  • I bet huge on Patriots, decided as terrible as the first half went I'll watch the beginning of the 2nd half, as soon as Falcons scored another TD I rage turned the tv off and took a nap. When I woke up, I turned the tv back on and overtime was just starting WTF?! I will forever regret doubting Brady.

  • Loved this game! Also from England – can someone explain to me the play at 10:46, never seen it before, don't understand?

  • The play of the game starts at 16:24

  • LMAO!!!!

  • BRADY the 🐐