In the 1998 NFL Drafted 225 players were taken before Pat Tillman. 3 years later Tillman was an All-Pro safety and set a Cardinals team record with 224 tackles in one season, a record that still stands today.

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  • I killed Pat Tillman

  • Man Tim Riggins is a stud.

  • He was never allpro. Why the lies?!?!?

  • the Tillman family seems like a bunch of loud mouthed punks.

  • RIP thank you for serving your country

  • great football player and an even better army ranger

  • Legend

  • Warrior on and off the field

  • shame he passed away, rest easy Pat.

  • He was a great friend, I went to high school with him, always so humble and happy.. Sorry for all the times I talked you into cutting classes to go to Santa Cruz my friend. XO Always!

  • He never made an all pro team. 1 guy voted for him 1 year.

  • Football used to be so exciting before they starting throwing flags every time somebody gets hit hard

  • Who ever disliked this video you have no respect. I am a seahawks fan but I have all the respect in the world for Pat R.I.P.

  • 4:55 Why does this woman think Pat is Boswerth? lol Wrong team, wrong decade, wrong position… lol.

  • R.I.P Thank you for serving your country

  • Gone too soon

  • we all love you…

  • Lol family guy

  • RIP Pat Tillman

  • Such a cool dude. I wish I could be like him

  • He wasn't an All-Pro

  • As a Cardinal fan, I absolutely love this guy. Kaepernick is lucky he didn't have to play Tillman.

  • That moment that he cut down his teammate from the goal post was foreshadowing of his death. That type of principle over dictatorship mentality isn't taken well in today's US government, especially in the military

  • How come KNOW ONE wants to live on Pat Tillman dr in Surprise Az. It's a ghost town and it's only 10 years old.

  • he was killed by our own cause he saw the sham that the war was and was going to talk.

  • It's like when the QB thinks of saying hike he's already going to the ball

  • Such a beast and a hero!

  • I fucking love this guy he was fighting for my country I'm nerver gonna forget him

  • I know he went to the army to better the country but I can go join the army almost anytime but the NFL wow I would too much to get there

  • RIP.

  • RIP

  • Gave up millions to fight for his country. That's a real hero.

  • 7th Round Pick to All-Pro Safety to murdered by us military

  • He was killed by friendly fire

  • great guy

  • Why have I never heard of this guy before???

  • R.I.P

  • I can't name any of the thousands of other soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. For that, I'm ashamed…but Pat Tillman should be one name that every American remembers. He could've stayed in the NFL and collected his millions, but he chose to serve our country. He will always be a hero to me, and I will never forgive the Bush administration for sending him to die needlessly.

  • I looked up his stats and I see nowhere he made 224 tackles in a season. I see 145…

  • Pat tillman a true hero.

  • I've just watched The Tillman Story. I'm very impressed with the family he left behind. They wouldn't take no for an answer and found out the truth about his death. He was killed by friendly fire and the government covered it up and made a propaganda story out of it. I hope the family is doing better now. R.I.P. Pat "Fucking" Tillman.

  • Payton Manning had that smile back then.

  • Why when there is ever an Elite-white safety they are always batshit crazy? Lynch, Tillman now Harrison Smith

  • the Zac walls story gives me goosebumops.

  • been great to see Tillman punk Colin kaperneick