Check out the Mic’d Up ‘Inside the NFL’ feature of the second half of Super Bowl 50.

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  • 9:17 neither do foreheads peyton

  • 1:16 they are in love wow❤️❤️❤️😂

  • i love broncos

  • lol at the two panthers fans at 1:20 ha!

  • 6:51 god-tier advice the Seahawks never had.

  • lol I'm not a panthers or broncos fan but von miller and cam newton seem like great guys.

  • I love the Broncos 🙂

  • So no ones gonna mention the Bears fan at 3:33

  • let's win another one boys! 2017 let's get this offecnce going

  • let's win another one boys! 2017 let's get this offecnce going

  • "And we got to see Lady Gaga" – 9:08 – Wade Phillips. How can you lose when you win a Super Bowl AND Lady Gaga is there?!?

  • I could watch this all day. Go denver

  • I wish panthers won

  • Watched this video countless times but somehow just managed to catch the guy on the right at 8:38 putting in chewing tobacco 🙄

  • Panthers were bar none the second best team in the nfl, that denver defense was just way to much.

  • 9:08 classic Wade lol

  • Super glad Peyton manning got the ring for his last game. I love it.

  • I can't stand Cam newton's immaturity he's such a baby.

  • 1:20 need me a girl like that

  • this game did not feel like a super bowl for some reason

  • If there was going to be a co MVP in this super bowl (I know there was a co MVP in a Super Bowl once )I think it should be Brandon McManus

  • Von got us man

  • I love how the second fumble Von caused he was being held the whole time an still got it.

  • cam Newton is trash