2016-17 NFL season
The “Good Morning Football” crew talks about the offseason moves of the Patriots and how the team will do in 2017.

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  • we still need a high liner left tackle to cover Bradys back side

  • 31 cities with no hope

  • chris long sucked.

  • everyone forgets the Pats have Michael Floyd too

  • I say we limit Gronks playing time, limit the amount of snaps he plays, reduce the amount of big routes he's assigned to, just to assure he's healthy for the playoffs. I think Dwayne allen can hold his own, especially the it comes to blocking.

  • Firstt play of the regular season from 25 yard line Brady to Cooks. Td on the first play.

  • the patriots mvp the refs

  • They still need to fix some holes like power running back, pass rush, offensive tackle, maybe get a bigger receiver, and a linebacker with speed who can cover

  • what happened at 0:40?

  • It is not the Afc east fault they look bad cause they are playing the patriots twice a year. Look st the colts they bolted the first chance they got. You put the patriots in any other division and nothing changes except the names of teams losing twice a year.

  • I say we rest Gronk until the Super Bowl.

  • Fuck the Shitengland cheatiots

  • Kay is underrated sexy sports girl

  • Pats…23-0

  • You're living in fantasy land if you think that the Patriots are not going back to the Super Bowl.

  • As Belichick said: "No Days Off!"

  • I think its gonna be a 13-3 season, too many good qbs to win all of them. Take on oakland in the div round and then play pit again at home and same deal there we win AGAIN. Play cowboys in sb and win by 12. Brady 340yds 2 tds with super game for allen

  • Brady is getting another ring. GOAT