2016-17 NFL season

The “NFL Total Access” crew debates if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time after winning his fifth Super Bowl title.

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  • Short answer; no.

  • How is Tom Brady the greatest. If he was on the Browns how many super bowls would he have? give me a break. A lot of super bowls was won by the Patriots defense. And Brady played like shit in the first half of that Falcons super bowl. If the Falcons would have gotten a field goal to make it 31-3, no one would be talking right now.

  • Tom Brady = GOAT. Why? Aside from Brady having the most SB titles (5…and counting) and SB appearances (7…and counting), when combining gaudy regular-season stats/records AND playoff stats/records, there isn't another QB that comes within light years of Brady. (To put things in perspective, Brady owns 32 playoff & SB records; P Manning 5,; Montana 3.)

    Montana? Great QB, no question, but his regular-season stats pale vs. Brady's. Like I stated, when talking about the all-around accomplishments (team and individual), no other QB comes close to Brady. The GOAT debate is officially over.

  • How many SB would Brady actually need to win to stop having this conversation. It was always Montana is better because he has 4 and Brady 3.

    Then Brady got 4 and it was well Montana never loss. Then Brady gets 5 and they still ask that question.
    And on the other side they TRY and say that Rogers is better then Brady and he was only 1 SB…like wtf 😂😂😂

    It's pretty easy if the QB is a great QB and has more SB he is better. If the QB is average and he wins SB from his defense then no (Bradshaw) not saying he sucks either..

    Brady (7SB) has been to almost double the SB then Montana (4SB) and also has 1 more SB win then him and also has done it with multiple different WR.

    Does this mean Montana sucks NOPE
    it's just Brady passed him is SB wins along matching his regular season stats and wins

    If another QB wins 7SB or more and he is also a great QB like Brady, Montana then he would be better then Brady.

  • seven time cheater

  • No

  • Tom Brady GOAT

  • "You stole my gimmick."

    -Bret Hart, probably

  • I along with every Pats fan couldn't really let loose the whole game until it was over because we were never in the lead until we won! Time to work Brady,number 6,LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas were far better than Brady!!!

  • QSR

    brady is the goat. there is no debate anymore

  • Brady gets credit for everything. If u don't believe me… how about in Super Bowl 49 when Malcom Butler made the interception at the 1 yard line? Of course Brady was still the "HERO" And whenever Brady throws an interception… then it's the wide receiver's fault. I would have to disagree that he is the "best of all time"

  • I hate the Patriots! I'm a cardinals fan and even I agree that Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana.. true words

  • Lmfao why does Reggie Wayne sound like a preacher?

  • Ike and the Steelers Good MEN!!! (GO Patriots in 2017-18 🙂

  • Me as a falcon fan: PASS TO FUCKING JULIO

  • Brett Favre is better than Tom Brady. Honestly. I can name some reasons why.

  • 🐐 enough said

  • Tom is like Eminem although he's done so much mofos don't wanna give em the respect he deserves

  • Lol keep sleeping on Edelman and Amendola. Two superbowl rings for both of them. How many did moss have on the patriots? 0.

  • Who throws it on 3rd and 1?

  • Down 25 can Manning come back??

  • he/s a system qb in a short yardage passing game system.his coach is the architect.

  • There is no one even close to Brady. He has played 15 seasons, got to the AFC title game 11 times and the SB 7 times winning 5 of those. He has been in a SB almost 50% of his career. That is just crazy.

  • I don't see what the big deal is. The Pats came back form a similar point spread against Denver the first year Manning came back from neck surgery. I expected the comeback.

    THAT SAID. It was unmistakable that this was a truly fantastic comeback.

  • tom brady is not the best player fuck out of here

  • cam newton? wtf,, hes nothing, one great season, the rest average to garbage…

  • Do we need 10 more super bowl rings to say TB is the best? Literally the only type of nfl videos ive seen since the super bowl and the answer is obvious that TB is the goat.

  • Tom Brady is The BOAT – Best of All Time 🙂

  • YOU BET YOUR ASS HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asking if hes the best qb of all time is dumb because obviously he is, but is he the greatest player of all time?

  • heat of the moment talk

  • Its tough to say, cause your a hater. Straight outa Boston.. Go Pats! 2017 SB Champs! #OneMore #Drivefor5

  • The phrase "goat" has been replaced with "Brady".

  • he drove them down the field end of fourth and OT. bruh thats 2 game winning drives in one game. the biggest game. goat

  • Brady didn't make Welker or Edelman. Miami just didn't use Welker in their offense much. New England figured how to fit them in their offense. That offenss works well with guys like Welker, Gaffney, Edelman, Hogan and Amendola.

  • Tom Brady will win the Super Bowl in the 100th season of the NFL at age 43 and go down forever as the greatest NFL without question from any commentators. In 4 years come back to this comment

  • The one dislike is a Falcons fan