NFL Pick sixes off deflections

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  • One handed catches by unknown people

  • The Bears seem to be the masters of capitalizing on tips. The Eagles… kinda the opposite

  • Zzz z zz zzzz zzz

  • I love hearing Stuart Scott's voice. I miss his analysis so much.

  • sick pick sixes brick

  • Did Chicago really celebrate with the jags

  • When he played for the Lions, John Kitna get it done.

  • How did I know Blake and Cutler would both be on this list

  • 4:27 That pancake though!!

  • What about Steelers James Harrison and Brett Kiesel pick sixes? Not all of these were entirely deflections either

  • Honestly an interception off a dropped ball shouldn't count against a QB, only the WR who dropped it

  • Got one defensive linemam ints!!!!!!!!

  • 0:25 hugs jags player

  • the crowd at raymond james went absolutely insane when aaron rodgers was picked off. what was with that?

  • This was one of the best sports montages ever because:
    1) You knew what was coming each play (whoever was on defense was going to score a touchdown)
    2) No added crummy music (no added music at all.)
    3) You showed one of Ed Reed's coast to coast TD's.
    4) You showed the 2 Bears's OT pick-six's back to back.
    5) Tom Brady had two of these – awesome to see from arguably the greatest QB to play the game.

  • You saved the best for last I see..

  • legand sehawks

  • No Landon Collins against the Rams in London?

  • 5:29 The Chargers defense was just terrible there. I get that they were offensive players but still.

  • I was at a 49er club in Portland, Oregon when Bowman had "The Pick at the Stick". The whole place was going absolutely ape shit.

    What a great way to close out Candlestick.

  • Cool

  • 2;34😂 he hugged the other player lol

  • 0:28 when you celebrate with the other team lmao

  • Kaepernick is a cunt

  • Now you need to do touchdowns after deflections

  • U had to put the only pick six in Rodgers career lol

  • Mike Brown

  • If the reciever tips the ball in the air and it gets picked off the quarterback shouldn't get charged with an interception. Like if you agree

  • Pick at the stick baby

  • 0:27 why tf they hugging the jags player

  • Jay cutlers favorite players to throw to

    The defensive players.

  • if you do pt 2, Brandon Browner vs Giants 2011
    Aqib Talib vs Detroit 2011


  • My Madden 17 Defensive Highlights would include thirty of these

  • 2:44 is terrible commentary

  • Just gotta love the Chicago pick 6 against the Jaguars because they celebrated acting like Thomas on their team

  • The Bears enjoy pick sixes

  • Did this the other day in practice 🏈🏈🏈🔥🔥

  • poor jeff Garcia


  • Quarterbacks doing touchdown-saving tackles after turnovers? I dunno how many of those exist, if they do at all

  • I still jack off to Navarro Bowman's interception to this day

  • LOL Packers Have 48 And Bears Have 7 That's why I am a Packers fan

  • 0:15 When the Bears were good
    0:50 What the Bears are now

  • Picks six

  • One of the most recent pick six deflections, Landon Collins? You can't be serious.

  • Mike Brown was that dog

  • Where's the pic 6 of mike Adams against the pats a few years ago

  • The Pick-6 that Tom Brady threw was awesome. It helped Tampa Bay win against the Patriots!