A compilation of satisfying punts with either amazing bounces or great coverage to be downed at the 1 yard line. Enjoy.

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  • Can someone explain this to me. How come the non punting team didn't go for it and watched it roll? Also how come they were doing everything in their favour to not get it to go into the endzone?

  • the fuck😞

  • tb

  • Can I have 20 likes

  • I remember u

  • clueless Aussie here! I know how punts work the the returning team, but what are the rules for the team that punted it? Can it not stop in the endzone?

  • No Koch kicks 😂

  • for the Steelers and Raiders game that ball was an inch away to make a touchback

  • I don't know much about NFL, but why does it matter if they stop it at the 1 yard line? Don't they just have to kneel and they automatically get the ball on the 20 yard line?

  • I'm new to football. You wanna get it as close to the end zone without it going in?

  • Biggest unexpected routs from an underdog team.

  • Bosher is the best punter in the league

  • I play rugby so I don't know all the rules to NFL. why do the receivers let it roll past them to the one yard line when they could probably catch it on the 20

  • I could've sworn that the title was perfect puns

  • Do referees does bad calls and cause the game

  • HH you should do best kickoffs

  • You should do "NFL legends first play in the NFL"

  • Seahawks should have ran the ball

  • I dig this

  • Do kicker tackles

  • you should do best onside kick recoveries

  • Noob here, what happens if you punt it in the end zone?

  • Perfect punts but after wards the other team still scores Tds after being down within the 5 yard line

  • Highlight Heaven do worst punts ever

  • Not one highlight from the Kansas City Chiefs are you kidding me, they have had punts pinning teams within the 1 yard line multiple times.

  • You should do "people running on the field"

  • I love these vid make more plz

  • im not a buccs fan but that play was awesome

  • the bigginin of tge video is the best ballin by logic

  • Do I get any love or is it cuz I'm a girl??

  • Kinda funny for them waiting for the ball to hit in the touchdown zone! 😀

  • I saw the best punt in NFL/AFL history. The Jets punter ( O'neill ? ) kicked from his own endzone. The line of scrimmage was the Jets one. I think it went about 65 yards in the air, bounced, and then rolled down to the other team's one. Yup, a 98 yard punt. I'm doing that from memory, and it was in 1968 or so. And it wasn't a wind aided punt either. He just happened to hit the sweet spot .Can someone fill in the blanks, please ?

  • this should be titled "most satisfying thing in the world"

  • Can anyone sub to my Channel for no reason at all

  • Can someone explain to me why they are following the ball and must not make it to the endzone?

  • You know its the middle of summer, and you miss the shit out of football when youre watching a highlight reel of perfect punts…

  • whats the outro song called?

  • As a college punter, I found some of these almost soul-soothing regarding how good of punts they are

  • Why didn't you have the punt by Minnesota that pinned Dallas at the one foot-yard line that subsequently resulted in the 99 3/4 yards run by Tony Dorsett for a TD?

  • Do a saving the punt from going into the endzone