2016-17 NFL season

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson wins Comeback Player of the Year Award.

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  • GO.PACK.GO Well deserve you came back after a year off of being injured and Lead the league in receiving touchdowns

  • Who else thought tom Brady received it -Falcons fan

  • Personally I think Bell should have gotten, but congrats to Nelson. He earned it.

  • JORDY!!! 😀😆😎

  • Jarrius the GOAT

  • Wait if his wife and kids are back home who did he kiss???? 😯

  • Lol the kid has swag

  • What song is playing through the highlight reel? It's been boggling me

  • Not that I think he should have won over Nelson, but how was Dennis Pitta not even nominated? 2 dislocated / fractured hips and led all TE's in receptions.

  • He not even a top 6 WR 😂😂😂😂

  • what does the AP stand for. As a viking fan I'm just going I assume it mean the goat adrian Peterson

  • He Tore his Acl and Mcl missed a little over a year comes back and leads the NFL in Td receptions. Don't even try to say he "Robbed" the award the dude worked his ass off and totally deserves it.

  • Daaaawww! That little kid is so cute and was too funny!

  • what song is this? I like it

  • 100% he earned this and played his hardest during that tough game against Atlanta, congrats Nelson!!!

  • Bell definitely deserved it

  • how is murray not nominated?

  • just sayin, maybe Kaepernick shoud have been on here. I think that people would be pissed off at the league if that happened. He has shown major improvement though

  • All were great, but he deserved it.

  • Jordy robbed Le'Veon of the comeback player of the year, like Macklemore robbed Kendrick Lamar of grammys. Just saying who had a bigger impact in terms of team success?