Move the Sticks discuss the top games and players to watch in Week 15 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  • Well we all know what happened

  • lol aaron rodgers comeback will be good… throws 3 ints.

  • Face it aaron rodgers isnt good. Hes an idiot who cant read a defense

  • First week without marahall faulk on nfl network and it already better

  • LMAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Keep Pounding!

  • Aaron Rodgers will "do well"…still think that? From a panthers fan.

  • how many fans will watch NFL this week? Are Casual Fans not watching NFL as much? Let's analyze.

  • go green bay packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The day Cam cant run nomore is the day his career ends..

  • it is a big ass

  • Wow this guy is a Panther hater. GB Def is rot gut and so is thier Off line. The Panther's will eat thier lunch in the trenches on both side of the ball. My only worry is if Rogers gets the ball out fast. Then again that means short passes and the relm of Luke in the middle. I'll take Panthers this Sunday.

  • Did this idiot really say the Steelers pass rush is better than Miami's? The Fins only need to rush 4 to get that pressure the Steelers have to bring blitzes. Big difference.

  • Going With The Panthers Since Im A Lions Fan 😬

  • Lets Go Lions!

  • I got Steelers,panthers,chargers and Seahawks.


  • Packers always doubted when we consistently prove ppl wrong #GOPACKGO

  • Panthers 30-23 don't see the packers defence stopping us down the stretch, but Rodgers will play good on sunday.

  • This dude in the prison outfit is lowkey a packers fan that’s why he’s making it sound like the panthers sucks…. bro if u think ur better than us you don’t gotta say we aren’t a 9 win team. We beat the falcons,pats,Vikings,lions and bills

  • This first guy obviously doesn’t follow Carolina football. Cams running went down for the past season was because Cam was injured. He’s just a carolina hater and gave them no chance to win, when in reality Green Bay’s defense made the browns look like a team with wins

  • Where Ike Taylor at?

  • Take advantage of that panthers secondary thats ranked 7th vs the pass. Yeah sure

  • Week need this win

  • Go,pack,go

  • Osweiler is GOAT no question about that

  • wish they would stop saying rodgers is the best in league, his record doesnt reflect that

  • Hating on my panthers like always packers can barely beat the browns and now rodgers is back they think they gonna blow us out I hope kuechily or Davis injures rodgers again to shut the packers fans up

  • Steelers will win even if they have to play dirty which they probably will, they did the same exact thing in their last big game this season @ the chiefs

  • Bolt up