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  • who else thinks arena football should be the nfls minor league

  • I still get chills when Jim Nantz says "the Flea Flicker!" on the Brady to Hogan TD.

  • If you sell it – it it is unstoppable, love me some flea flicker.

  • 1:21 When I saw those Pats/Oiler uniforms I thought that was gonna be Steve Grogan…….yea I know he's #14

  • Ummmm…

    What happened to the most well-know flicker of them all?
    Cunningham to Moss, Thanksgiving, 1998?

    C'mon man!
    (Thanks for the upload.)

  • Thank God for CHEATNG… the Patriots would never win a Superbowl

  • Something typical: an amazing video

  • Is it me or is Brady on a lot of these highlights?

  • I'm a Steelers fan, an hooooooly shit. Brady has our number with the flea flicker lol

  • "Kyle Orton plays it safe."

    Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure that's what he did.

  • Dom Capers is a shit Defense coordinator for allowing Kyle Orton to complete that pass

  • The two Fitzgerald flea flickers from the 08 postseason not being on here = fail video

  • I got a fucking problem with this video.. Where's tf is Michael vick flea flickers at tho?

  • Damn TB12 had the most flea flickers on this bitch.

  • Yoo I play at a small school please help me out and follow my hudl

  • How can you do the best flea flickers video without the chargers at dolphins playoff game? Its known as the hook and lateral which starts off as a flea flicker. look it up…

  • cool

  • The first two passes were amazingly awful.

  • So, you don't think the first flea flicker in the NFL history, by the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, was worth a mention? Redskins executed some of the best flea flickers, certainly some better than several of the ones that made your "best". Try again.


  • running along endzone plays ?

  • Tom Brady be takin his PRECIOUS time when he gets the ball back ! he be like "yea its over now its a td"

  • where's Randal Cunningham to Randy moss 98 thanksgiving?

  • Do worst flea flickers

  • I was watching hoping to see 6:15 and there it was.  Thank you.

  • Do the worst trick plays