2016-17 NFL season
Lebron James, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps and Jordan Spieth on Tom Brady’s timelessness.

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  • Those peasants should not be allowed to speak about him as if they're on the same level of greatness that he's in. Tom is too legendary.


  • Classy guy, great champion. The greatest.

  • note well this Greatest NFL player of all time is also…..the most humble and genuine…and honorable athlete ever and there is no " me,me, me ,look at me " in him. He is a true Leader and Best…

  • B.O.A.T.

  • This man is not the GOAT. He is the GMFOAT (Greatest Mothafucka Of All Time)

  • Brady is suppose to be a professional and to cheat on the football field against your peers is so shady in so many

  • Tom Brady is a whiny ass pussy boi cheat. He lost to AUTISTIC Eli twice. He was gifted a Superbowl win by the Seahawks. He was gifted another one by his kicker and he was gifted another by the Chokelanta FALCONS. Oh did I mention he deflated balls and his coach was caught taping opposing teams practice and calls. Tom Brady the greatest of all time.**

  • He's hands down the best QB I've ever seen. congrats to Tom and New England

  • Jay

    With a little luck, Brady could have had 7 or 8 Super Bowl wins. That would be insane.

  • G.O.A.T and its NOT even close

  • Goat QB, Goat coach, Goat owner, = GOAT Franchise

  • awesome video, thank you

  • Brady boy is the most overrated player ever. NFL puts skirts on QBs. If Brady boy played in 1970s to 1990s he'd never last. He whines and cries every time he's touched. Defenders don't punish the QB the way they used to. Watch old NFL films of Elway,Kelly,Kosar,Fouts,Moon,Staubach,etc get hit in head,legs.Late hits too. Another reason why he's so overrated is because NFL banned bump and run. Defensive backs are not allowed to do anything anymore. Brady's quick dink and dunk passing would never work if DBs were allowed to make contact on WRs like they used to. Bring bump and run back and Brady would have to hold onto ball longer and that's where the Blitz comes. NFL commentators and sports media always says you can't blitz Brady because he gets rid of ball so quick. If defensive backs were allowed to play bump and run he would not be able to get rid of ball so quickly. Commonsense! This also why the runningback position is devalued in NFL today. If DBs were still allowed to play ball Brady would want to hand ball of much more to RB. You wouldn't see 5 WRs or 4 WRs on every damn play. Brady benefits off a watered down game! The next reason why Brady is overrated because he is a product of Bill Belicheck the best coach since year 2000. Charlie Weiss as well. Remember Matt Cassell? Cassell never even started one lousy game at USC but walked right in and went 11 wins and 5 losses. 3-1 in 2017 with back up QBs. Hell even Mel Kiper years ago said Brady is an average QB that just got lucky enough to land in a great system. The next reason why Brady is overrated is he plays for a cheating team! Rodger Goodell who is in Robert Kraft's pocket destroyed the evidence. Rumors Brady had extra gadgets in helmet. Interference in other teams radio equipment. NFL fanboys are brainwashed. Brady is not even good. I will never give Brady credit. NEVER!

  • πŸ‰



  • Can y'all niqqas hop off this mans dick already ? Damn

  • Patriots are GOAT ! Even other sports best know this … "Let's Go"

  • THE F'N G.O.A.T

  • And He still has a good 3 years left maybe 5 but that's stretching it .Appreciate this because with Salary Cap and Players want to get paid the Max we will NEVER NEVER see this again.If you hate him that's fine but don't be an idiot and say he accomplished everything Cheating because this is result you get when you put 110 percent on everything you do everyday

  • wait til he wins 6.. .

  • tom brady the goat

  • You can't run that fast Lebron. Sorry. Try and chase Kobe instead.

  • Come-on now …. Michael Phelps , Gulf players…… Really, to even include them within the same conversation as Tom Brady, the man that stands up there and takes throttle hits from 300 lbsΒ  linebackers….Micheal Phelps can go out there and pop a couple of Adderall and perform his repetitious parlor trick….Do you really think that is even somewhat close to being an NFL Quarterback ???You can easily drink a Martini or 2 and still play a round of gulf,Β  lol try doing that in the NFl…. please, Really ????? Absolutely no comparison….

  • why everybody loves Tom now? and believe m… im not Gisele.

  • Welp, Bron needa stop chasing cause he ain't gonna reach 23

  • Greatest qb that will ever play

  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • greatest current professional athlete still playing

  • that is right bitches,consistent excellence for 16 years

  • G.O.A.T.

  • steph curry should,be talking in this veido

  • 1.Tom Brday 2.Terry Bradshaw 3.Joe Montana

  • And the Dynasty continues unabated, despite Roger Goodell's most heinous efforts to the contrary.

  • why took u so long?…. he was GOAT long time ago!

  • goat

  • Tom Brady is the greatest human being of all time lol.

  • Brady /Trump= Timeless

  • Goat!

  • The 1 dislike is a jelly steeler/jets/seahawks fan lmao

  • He doesn't look like he is done yet. Look out

  • One of the worst quarterbacks of all time

  • This Made me cry

  • He's got that killer instinct #goat

  • this Youtube page is clutch

  • That's so cool, but am I the only one who's a little surprised they got other athletes from other sports to talk about how great Brady is?

  • 1:05 The look of an assassin

  • No doubt,best ever ,he's the goat .

  • Tom Brady is sitting on a throne at the top above everyone else in all of football! Tom Brady is theΒ GOAT case closed!