Here are the games showed in this video in order:

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals Week 7, 2016
New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens Week 7, 2016
San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons Week 4, 2010
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons Week 3, 2014
Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets Week 1, 2015
St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears Week 3, 2012
Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers Week 17, 2016
Washington Redskins @ Baltimore Ravens Week 5, 2016
Indianapolis Colts @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 5, 2003
Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl 27
Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos Week 1, 2013
Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers Week 15, 2015
Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers Week 5, 2009
New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins Week 13, 2009
Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants Week 5, 2014
San Diego Chargers @ Arizona Cardinals Preseason Week 2, 2013

  • that devin hester play was nice

  • Wow. I thought Leon Lett fumbling near the Goal Line was by far the dumbest play ever. Dre Bly hot dogging when his team is down 35-10 as he gets chased down quickly and stripped might have to be up there now. Only difference is the Lett play happened in a bigger game I believe but still.

  • Meachem was a beast! What a TD! hahahaha

  • Im here for the meme's and it seems that Cleveland is doing most of those.

  • 0:58 Bald referee

  • this is the definition of Clown Fiesta

  • 4:49 Old enough to recall when all games looked like this on TV. Explains the size of my tumor.

  • The falcons are in here so many times

  • at 9:44 falcons would still have the ball even without that chaos

  • 5:19 look at don beebe

  • Remember one division game between Bucs and Panthers where Newton threw an INT and then FF'd and recovered his own mistake.

  • Don Beebe was the only Bills player who gave a fuck that night.

  • Happened to falcons a lot

  • Lol Mosley you idiot.
    4:34 it doesn't count if you simply roll it into the endzone. You still have to have it in your hand.

  • How many times were the falcons on this

  • the first two were on the same day wow!

  • Every play is the fucking Browns!

  • when the ball goes 20 yards foward yes

  • Steve Largent from Seahawks on Mike harden from the broncos

  • ,&

  • The best 2 turnover play in NFL History: 8:37

  • It's hilarious how many of these spawned from a Matt Ryan interception. Worst Qb in the league and a perennial choke artist. #OverratedScum

  • You missed Josh Normans INT against cleveland and then he fumbled

  • You missed the Steve largent/harden int, hit and fumble recovery.

  • Roddy White is a beast

  • At 2:31 Finnegan is down. He was knocked over and the ball came out when hit the ground, the ground can't cause a fumble.

  • I don't know why, but I really liked this vid. 😝

  • What happened to New England San Diego 2006 playoffs? That one was probably the most famous.

  • Damn I never New how lucky Matt Ryan was