The invincible quarterback that became the star of the NFL gets in major trouble when he is put in jail for dogfighting.

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  • Michael Vick is a piece of crap!!!

  • this was 8 years ago

  • Jim Mora … or …. Jimmy McNulty?!!!??

  • just cuz he did this horrible thing still does not mean hes a bad person

  • I hate old white people

  • hey

    Really…a Royal Canine ad at the beginning??

  • I hope Michael Vick gets fired from all football team. He should be forgotten. I know I don't know him but I only watch football for Super Bowl. Michael, I hope you f**king die! You are a disgrace to the NFL!😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾

  • Millions

  • Drown him in front of his pups.

  • Dumb when people say of mv is so bad but they don't care

  • I hate mike Vick. That sick man should have never gotten back in the league. He is a disgusting man and he deserves to be killed

  • White people have been fighting dogs for decades and they still do to this day in your rule areas. Michael Vick just got caught that's it and the system made an example out of him and tried to tear #7 down but it didn't work, yeah he did two years in prison but he also the only player in NFL history to sign a 1 million dollar +contract with two different teams. The first one was with the Falcons the second one was with the Eagles after he got out of prison and he still making MONEY. The dog fighting charges were Bullshit.

  • its an animal chill

  • Who's this Freddy Kruger looking hoe?

  • How stupid can you get? He should have known, 'they love dogs more than people.

  • Half of these people don't understand what he actually did until you see it and watch a dog getting hanged or drowned in front of you. Even I wont ever understand it either way this is Absolutely disgusting.

  • he is a victim of oppression..
    us justice is built to humiliate and oppress black men..

  • got off easy..jerk

  • horrible guy

  • He should get life in prison

  • Mike Vick great athlete one of the best qbs to play the game but a terrible human he was off the field, now he's trynna make up for it but we know something like that can never escape you.

  • People who fights dogs are controlled by demons and Satan protects them

  • WTF??? Vick went to jail for dog fighting dogs that were bred to fight in pits. American police can shoot unarmed civilians, men, women and children, multiple times under suspicious circumstances and NEVER see the inside of a jail? Something is DEFINITELY wrong and evil, with the white male invented American system!!!

  • Why?

  • Such a waste of talent Vick would be praised like Brady today if he had left his old lifestyle behind him

  • Vick is the best ever

  • Mick Vick was blamed for a lot worse than what he did

  • Too bad he didn't go to jail for dog fighting

  • Damn didn't know he drowned and electrocuted them.  Horrible.

  • This guy is disgusting! For doing this too animals I hope he rots in life!!!!

  • Thu ubila swarta manna. Bi mans namo, ik hata thuk


  • Jim Mora was a loser

  • Kali muscle -gym is my girlfriend. thank me later

  • I will always hate this mans guts and wish he was still in prison or even executed I hate him

  • his wife wanted to escape… did those puppies I'm sure

  • This Aaron Hernandez thing really puts the Michael Vick thing in perspective.

  • "I personally think he's a sociopath"… says the woman who cares more for dogs than people.

  • This guy got me through the horror that was madden 07. Plus, it was dogfighting, it's not like he murdered people. The woman who said he was a sociopath blew that way out of proportion. Vick is a good guy, you can tell that by his interviews. As a fan of a rival team, I loved watching Michael Vick. I've been a panther fan forever and some games in the season I would watch it not because of the panthers, but because of Vick. I even had a falcons jersey of him. It just shows that even people who hated the falcons loved watching them because of Vick.

  • i have one of rhe dogs he faught cause i worked for the wildlife

  • we love u mike vick

  • Michael Vick is a POS!

  • fucking nigger

  • Fucking nigger