Michael Lewis, who played for the Saints in the early 2000’s, had one of the most improbable journeys to the NFL. He went from being a Budweiser Truck Driver, to becoming a pro-bowler for New Orleans.

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  • 12.50 in the 90s was.a great pay

  • I love your channel as much as i love football and football is my life

  • in new orleans the Budweiser distribution center is down the street from the saints practice facillity on airline drive, the stadium (the superdome) is more than 20 miles away in the heart of downtown.

  • orrection* The office where Lewis worked is near the Saints corporate office but still the Superdome is 7.6 miles away which still does prove your point. A reality that seemed so far away.

  • same story for Wendell Williams

  • I love your outro music πŸ‘πŸ»

  • $12.50 is a tough living to support a child lol I know of people who support multiple kids with less then 8$ and hour this tough

  • Vaguely remember this guy back then playing. Knew he was a beast of a special teams player. Never knew the background though. Just amazing.

  • I'm a raiders fan, this is kind of like jalen Richard in a way . He was an undrafted rookie who showed up at the Raiders training camp and decided to show them what he got . He made the team almost instantly & had one hell of a rookie year .

  • $12.50 an hour in 1990 is over $20 an hour in 2017. That's not a bad living. As a trucker you can't work as much though so it all depends on hours worked. But $12.50 an hour was more than enough to support a kid in 1990 considering that some high level office jobs only pay around $16-25 an hour now, almost equal to the inflated rate of $12.50 an hour.

  • the place he worked is next to the Saints practice facility not the Superdome (the Saint's Stadium)

  • He's in the top 20 for most career return yards, #17. He had 5,989 return yards. I think that's very impressive considering he only played from 2001-2007 for them. πŸ”₯

  • Saw him play and man did he and those early 2000s teams have the done rockin'

  • Make a movie about this guy?

  • damon harrison next?

  • Loved this video. Being from New Orleans I witnessed this firsthand. Legendary!

  • Andrew Hawkins

  • Saints fan for life here. I'll absorb all of the positive energy they generate, because there wasn't much to feel great about for a very very long time. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Played 2 years with him in 97/98 for the kenner city chiefs. Still friends to this day. Good vid.

  • I've seen invincible before

  • Awesome video man never heard of this dude before

  • Great video. just a quick correction tho he worked by the practice facility not the stadium. Besides that awesome video and let me tell you everyone down here still loves the Beer man.

  • Truck driver?!?!?!? Funny.

  • wow these vids are great. keep it up. other sports would be entertaining too

  • +KTO Gotta make a Fred Jackson video. He's the running back version of Lewis. No doubt.

  • Lewis was one of my favorite plays during his time. I always had him on my Madden teams. The only thing I didn't like about this video tho was you gave no update on his post-NFL days.

  • Seriously one of the nicest and most humble dudes on the planet. He's always out in the community and will talk to anyone who wants to speak to him. Anyone from New Orleans can tell you he's out at almost every Saints game, went to every VooDoo game when they played in the AFL. You'd never know he was an All-Pro. Carries himself just like a regular New Orleanian and he never forgets where he came from. One of the most humble and awesome figures in sports history.

  • Wiz

    DDP of Football.

  • He a has a ghost nose bro lmao hahahahahahaha

  • Your videos are GOAT. Mike Lewis is one of my favorite all time Saints. WhoDat

  • the beer man lol

  • Never give up on your dreams kids…Unless you have a tiny pecker and wanna be a porn stud…then you should likely buy a shovel and bury that one….jus sayin… πŸ™‚

  • … just inspired me , if you see my comment pray for me . 19 trying to make it to makr my father proud!

  • Dude, you make like the most interesting videos and your voice is pretty cool

  • This is why you are awesome. You find random obscure stories to tell us

  • 12.50 an hour, 40 hours a week is "pennies"? No. Imagine a world where you make 4 dollars less on the hour and work 20 hours less a week, what would you consider that?

  • Sub'd my man…..great channel!!! This is why I love Youtube…Mahalo Karsten

  • HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE AMERICA!? what a great story… I didn't know about this one. Wow

  • Great vid!

  • As a die-hard Saints fan, I had to watch this. I remember Beer Man well. That dude was so fast. He would casually blow by the most elite athletes on the planet like it was nothing. The only other person I've ever seen with that sort of control over his speed was Deion Sanders. America may have forgotten Michael Lewis, but Nawlins hasn't.

  • The beer distributed is located close to the Saints training facility, not the Superdome.

  • Make more vids about players

  • As a Trucker this gives me hope that I can work my ass off and attempt to win a Cruiserweight Title in boxing.

  • on the real, there isnt a better city with a NFL team in it for this to happen to. except maybe philly. either way i cant even imagine how much they LOVED this man. shit i just heard about him and i already do