Ronald Curry is one of the most accomplished high school athletes of all-time, yet isn’t that well known. He played in the same state with Allen Iverson and Michael Vick, and was considered better than both of them. So what happened? Find out in this video!

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  • You never know how some one is going to physically mature through college. Sure he was great in high school but vick and others seemed to catch up and pass him athletically . I'm nowhere near the same league as these guys but From personal experience I put on 25 pounds my freshman football season and another 20 my sophmore season and got faster, running track as well. Came into college football weighing 180, came out at a lean 230. Bigger faster and stronger.

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  • Derrick Henry had 12,144 yards rushing and 153 TD's in High School. He holds the national high school record for career rushing yards!

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  • I swear to god this is every high school athletes worst nightmare, being the most recognised athlete in the country and when getting to college not performing to the level they expect you to and then slowly fading away and being forgotten by everyone
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