no Malcom Jenkins because his was technically 99 yards not 100.
Also, the one at 4:05 wasn’t included in my top 10 longest pick sixes video because there was a lateral mid-play so it went in the books as a 90 yard lateral return so it wasn’t on the list of longest pick sixes.

  • awesome 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Hmmmm… good job, but you forgot the great Willie Brown's interception in the super bowl. Raiders vs Vikings.

  • 2:35 When you try to block Brandon Jacobs, but get ripped a new one 😀

  • 2:16 dam that ref is fast

  • cow boys throw a pick three time to eagles

  • Malcom Jenkins vs the patriots???

  • 0:29 he got punked


  • As a Bengal fan, it's good to see Carson Palmer still throwing those long touchdown passes to other teams

  • He Could Go All The Way Herd 💯/100 times

  • Being a lions fan is one of the craziest things in life

  • Suggestion: Longest fumble runbacks for touchdowns. I remember a game between the Eagles and the Raiders, a West Coast game shown at 4:00 pm on the East Coast. 1986. I think the date was November 30. The game went into overtime. Late in overtime, close to 8 pm in Pennsylvania, 5 pm in California, the Raiders were on the Eagles' 3-yard line and in a good spot to won. But someone fumbled, and the Eagles took it 97 yards in the opposite direction to win.

  • Where is Bryant Westbrook thanksgiving day against New England?

  • CBS SIGN 😭🤣


  • Eagles three pick sixes against one team

    You salty Cowboys

  • You asshats are the same as HH. Just milking the money aren't you? Sad. And just like HH, you have a lot of shitty-quality footage even from recent stuff.


  • Cannyou do long fumble touchdowns? They are rare, but they HAVE happened

  • I'm tired of the "he is at the 40, 30, 25" calls-  fuck you announcers.

  • damn, Philly needs to calm down with all these 100 yard pick sixs

  • 10:48 stepped out of bounds.

  • Just subscribed. Nice channel!

  • Just subscribed. Nice channel!

  • at 1:44 was that filmed with a popcorn kernel or what

  • im going to miss "he can go all the way"

  • When ever I think of the cardinals I think of all of the long pick sixes they have thrown/caught.

  • Every time in this video the eagle always pick the cowboys and took it back

  • why is it always Arizona

  • Is everyone going to ignore on 2:04 that the referee, No. 23, kept up with an NFL corner the entire way?

  • dude at the end was fast as shit

  • Chris Bernman is legend


  • That moment when ur team is not on the list

  • 3:41 you had to remind a Ravens fan about Kyle Boller huh?

  • great video, been here since 500 subs you've become an excellent youtuber :D. keep it up

  • 2:13 can I point out that the referee is going the same speed as the football players?