Here’s the deal: I’m not a very good writer, and typing these descriptions feels like school work, so I’ll just skip the description for today.

  • The thing about these long field goals is that they often end up blocked or short (because the trajectory needed is basically flat).

  • The weirdest one was the Janikowski kick at the end against Cleveland. What was strange was the Browns were leading the game.

  • This is very false Austin sibert kick a 72 yard field goal

  • I was at the game where Prater kicked the record! It was awesome!!!

  • They say kicking In Denver is so easy, yet only THREE 60 yard FG's have occurred there. It's not as simple as people make it out to be

  • 9:11 I like how they kept the clock running another 6 seconds after the kick.

  • I was at the Miami Game when Carpenter hit the 60 yarder. I took my digital SLR camera with me and took 2, 5 picture burts.. It is one of the best pictures I have ever taken, you can see the ball leave the ground, sail through the air, and go through the uprights, when you look at the background, you can see the players on the Browns, heads move with ball in flight.

  • Holy Macro

  • Who said field goals were boring !!!!!

  • Kickers are people too

  • Tom Dempsey forever. Only half a foot, but a complete soul.

  • And now Prater plays for the lowly Lions!

  • Dempsey was seldom hit by other players because he only had half a foot and one hand but Hollywood Henderson in his book talks about where an assistant coach Ray Meyers told him to knock Dempsey on his ass and Hollywood clobbered him. The rest of the game Dempsey screwed up a lot missing a field goal and extra point. Hollywood said Meyers was a nut and I agree Meyers was the head football coach at my high school. He was so crazy he ran off all the good players and won 2 games in 3 years. They fired him and he became a coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Figure that one out.

  • Kick a field goal indoor is much easier because there's no wind

  • If I were a coach, I would focus a lot of my attention on finding field
    goal kickers. Heck, have everyday Joe's come in an try out every week.
    He doesn't have to be an athlete…just kick like a mule. That would
    win games if all you had to do is get to mid field and your kicker can
    put 3 points on the board every time.

  • I could do that but I don't want to.

  • I just checked if Janikowski's kick was in it.. it was, so good vid. 👌🏼

  • Prater is such a beast, loved him in Denver. I forgot about that pre season game where Steve from accounting hit that 65 yarder. Ola whatever. I've seen Prater hit 70 in practice too in Denver.

  • I was at that bills game

  • 7:34 Worst announcing ever

  • 0:47 the man kicked the football more than half the field to win the game.

  • kickers are people too

  • Prader kicks for the Lions now. In '16, he kicked a field goal of over 60 yards to help the Lions defeat the Vikings in Minnesota.

  • 7:57 that's my boy tuck!

  • SEE – and LISTEN TO – the world's BIGGEST TUNING FORK at 8:33.

  • Greg Zuerlein finished his football career at my alma mater (Mo West). He's a great dude and a phenomenal kicker

  • RIP Rob Bironas.

  • When the saints crowded around Dempsey you never saw so many White people on a sports team in 50 yrs.! Ahhh…the good ol days before the dancing in the end zones and 5 min. of showboating for doing your job.

  • 63 yard field goals in Denver are nothing like a 63 yard field goal in New Orleans with half a foot, half an arm, a beer gut and hangover from hell!

  • the Denver ones don't count…thin air ball flies in denver..

  • Tom Dempsey made his 63 yard ft in New Orleans where the ball travelled in humid air at sea level.many others have have made very long kicks in Denver where air is thinner and ball travels further.

  • the sad part is the NFL redefining the field by moving the hash marks in line with the goal posts. ever since that stupid change, all field goals are essentially straight ahead shots, also known as 'gimmes' the change destroyed the record books, as accuracy has skyrocketed, lacking the need to kick from an angle, and eliminating the 'one more play 'to locate the kick point, part of the game strategy, at one time. now it is always pretty much a straight kick.

    each of these kicks are impressive by distance, but every one of them is a straight kick, given the widest possible target, whereas, for example, Dempsey's kick was an angle, thus giving him a smaller window to kick through. the new record was straight, and thus a much wider target.

    the ability to kick for distance has always been around. kickoffs would routinely go through the end-zone, from the kicker's 40 yard line. (70 yards) but since the field was changed, the target is wider, and straight ahead. the challenge for the kicker was the angle and the more narrow target. The NFL has made all field goals 'chip shots' shortened the field, and made the game even more boring

  • Who's the Bucs kicker at 0:50?

  • This is as exciting as listening to a Hillary speech. Booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrring!

  • 3:54: I didn't understand the point Dan was making. Aren't 31 stadiums at sea level?

  • Dempsey's FG to me is more impressive because he was in a city that is 7 below sea level to begin with and field level at would be another 40 or 50 feet lower.

  • Nice vid…I already knew that my boy SeKow or Sea Cow…would be here…the fattest, heaviest NFL kicker ever!! Go Raiders!!!

  • How do you disrespect the 2nd most accurate kicker in history plays for the Ravens #9

  • sucks for the guy that made the 65yd kick in a preseason game

  • why not have a defender near the goal posts to block those that barely make it? I can't jump that high, but there are players who can slam dunk over the bar.