Brandon Marshall goes antique shopping with Katie Nolan

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  • She Hated It When He Kept Saying Wife Lol

  • such a waste of talent on a crummy team like the Giants.

  • Is marshall a HOF?

  • I love you Katie!

  • man hairline receded back to the future ever since he joined the Giants sheesh

  • Jeez, this guy so philosophical

  • Katie Nolan is bae

  • am i the only one who finds it odd that a black man likes the fifty's?

  • The future

  • This comes out and hes out for season messed up

  • Katie Nolan is the best thing to happen in football since the forward throw.

  • Only here for Katie Nolan

  • Another endeavor for Brandon to pursue, outside from being an overrated receiver.

  • Great to see Katie Nolan back

  • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

  • Glad he got the help he needed. Much respect to the man. One of the few receivers who take pride in blocking

  • Katie and Brandon initially tried to shoot this interview at IKEA, but they couldn't be heard over all the married couples arguing in the background.

  • Katie Nolan is great

  • Marshall is one of those guys who was troubled in the past that now everyone has more respect for. The guy is a baller and he has changed for the better so it seems. That’s a real role Model.

  • Oh wow, this is new. How did I get here so late?

  • I've missed Kaite Nolan WTF are you doing not using her Fox Sports.

  • Catch more balls my fanstey team depends on this

  • Old Mr. No hands himself

  • Wow, who knew B-Marsh was such a cool dude? As a Jets fan, thanks for what you did for us! Wish you the best with the G-Men.


  • Katie Nolan wants to take a ride on Brandon Marshall

  • He's gonna smaaaassssshhhhh

  • Brandon Marshall is underrated, to bad he's never had a real qb