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  • wentz is better than both, why the fuck would they do this poll omitting wentz? whats he fucking chop liver?

  • combine goff and dak…you get carson wentz

  • They all picked dak….well the other guys team won the game soooooo….let's not forget people goff went first overall for a reason…

  • I'm an eagles fan and hate the cowboys but come on….thi2d is easy as of now. The answer is Dak!

  • They need to ask them this question again…. at this point in the season I would have said dak but now that’s a very tough question

  • Goff can't run the ball dam can run

  • Kurt said it best. Dak right now is the better player because he's proven. But Goff can be the better passer when its all said and done. Goff has tons of potential.

  • Michae Irvin is cringe to listen to lol

  • I’d go with Goff any day, Goff had a terrible coach last year

  • Dak

  • Salty cowboy fans are coming out after that loss. Goff is proving why he was the 1st pick

  • Lol it kills me to hear the cowboy fans talk shit When 2 years ago you only won 2 games lol

  • And that boy wore the fuck out those big boy pants !!!

  • I like micheal but he said dak has won big games? When? Only played in one and lost. I personally think dak is over rated. Anyone remember how good andrew luck looked early in his career? He didnt have one of the best olines like dak has. Let them play a few years b4 stamping great on any player!

  • Good luck to Barrie Goff. But lest see how he does against a full strength division rival in the Seahawks. Lets see what happens if he gets belted a few times. Lets see.

  • Dumb question if you have a medium to great o-line you go with goff every time but if you have a shitty to ehh o-line you go with dak.. 2 complete different types of QBs these shows are just getting dumber and dumber i swear

  • S D

    So ummm.. Yeah ummm.. Yo whats wrong with michael irving? Anyone?

  • Goff a system QB

  • goff All day!

  • I'd Take Goff no questions asked

  • Dak is just a black Alex smith

  • Goff by miles why is this a question dak has terrible accuracy

  • Dak dosent have to do much!!! All Dallas does is run the ball and control the clock boring football and just feeds Ezekiel Elliott

  • Dak better but Jered played a better game yesterday.

  • Well then, Michael. Well, well, well. 🙂

  • Goff got better real fast. that's what's shocking. Dak is a gifted star. that's what they are debating.

  • Goff has a higher ceiling lower floor