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  • ric stop smoking crack its not good for you your making yourself sound stupid

  • These the same idiots that was rooting for the Pats to lose in the Super Bowl in February. Im glad it's one person on that show that has some sense . Get them other idiots off the show

  • can it just be the football season already? im fucking tired of these stupid ass hot takes

  • Peter Schrager hates new england

  • thats why i dont watch amateur sports if it isnt skips undisputed or sas first take i cut the tv off and go live my life these plp are haters

  • Dude saying the Falcons 😂😂😂😂🖕🏼

  • Patriots finish 3 in offense last year with Brady gone 4 games

  • I've never seen them so loaded.

  • Lol, is the Patriots? Pay attention in school much?

  • patriots are gonna have the best offensive in the league

  • Super Bowl rematch

  • Y'all are crazy. New England is best by far!

  • Can someone ask him who scored more points in the superbowl? nuff said.

  • Nate the only one making any since

  • Falcons going 9-7 at best

  • Really Fear the Falcons they are coming for REVENGE and i love the PATS superbowl repeat and the falcons to win next year!!!!

  • pats will average 40 a game falcons will not be the same this year

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, no, you don't see the pats loaded with a bunch of level 10 guys. Thing is, most teams have 1 level 10 and 4 or 5 level 5s and a 3 or 4 thrown in for good measure. Pats have 7s, 8s, and 9s. Their average skill player on offence is higher than most players on the other teams.

  • Also saying that you don't know if Julian Edelman would be as productive some where else as he is with the Patriots is like saying you don't know if Ezekiel Elliott would be as productive outside of the Cowboys system without that O-line. He is voted as a top 100 player by his peers(though he is underrated). He also received some major praise for Brandon Marshall and the greatest Cornerback of all time, primetime, Dion Sanders. I am just going to leave that here.

  • Depth wise it is the Patriots. They have the most dominate tightend in the league returning. You add a deep threat in Brandin Cooks to add with the deep threat of Chris Hogan. You have Edelman who is arguably the best "slot receiver". Malcolm Mitchell should only get better in his second year. Now you add Andrew Hawkins, we have to see how he does. Oh and Danny Amendola is still around. I haven't even mentioned their three receiving backs, Lewis, White, and Burkhead nor have I mentioned Dwayne Allen. Even if two or three of these guys doesn't play to their potential there is still too much talent for Tom Brady to play with. This is about 11 different targets I have named and we still don't know who may emerge from training camp such as Austin Carr. So yes I will say that the Patriots will have the best Offense and most talented offense… passing wise. Who is going to cover all of these guys? Honestly? I mean Tom Brady will be throwing to them too.

  • Guess the Saints don't exist

  • Chargers have a better offense LMAO

  • im not even a Raiders fan but they HAVE THE BEST OFFENSE GOTTA ACCEPT THE TRUE

  • Lets put this to rest
    1. Brady > Ryan
    2. Patriots WR corp is much deeper than the Falcons
    3. Gronk and Allen obviously greater than whoever the Falcons got at TE
    4. Patriots OLine > Falcons OLine
    5. Falcons have better RBs with Freeman and Coleman but the Patriots have 4 RBs who all play drastically different, it will make defenses stress to which one is on the field

  • 2 dumb white guys dumb and dumber side by side