2016-17 NFL season
The “Good Morning Football” crew discusses the New England Patriots notorious reputation and whether or not it is deserved.

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  • True Patriots fans (Patriots fans who live in the New England area, etc) you are fine but people who are fans of the Patriots solely because they're good (bandwagons) and brag about how good they are, are absolutely disgusting

  • cheaters benefit and win- what kind of message are the pats sending to kids?


  • We weren't always good!!!

  • you look like the singer Daniel betinfield from early 00s

  • the hoe should be in the kitchen lol.. why she talking. give me some eggs and bacon..

  • As a pats fan I can completely understand the frustration from any other fan in the AFC. If I had to be a dolphins fan I think I would want to jump off a bridge.

  • This will not stop until teams and fanbases realize that the only way to beat the Patriots is to become the Patriots. Until you do what we do, as consistently as we do it, we will beat you. 31 teams think they can beat the Patriots doing things the old way. They've thought that for about 20 years now. What's the definition of insanity again?

  • It's great to be a Patriots fan! Now I know how the '90's Chicago Bulls fans feel like. Everybody hated the Bulls but I thought about it and after my Patriots won their 5th title I noticed in the Tom Brady era we been hated a long ass time now! We Patriots fans can take the hate not just because it fuels us but also cause…..WE KNOW WERE JUST THAT DAMN GOOD! *DROPPED DA MIC*   #PATRIOTS_NATION_BABY

  • Did someone say your team choked, & you are tired of being called a looser? Heartbroken fans, come join the dark side AKA the Patriots. Coached by the GOAT BB as the Seth Lord and TB12 as the GOAT QB Vader. JE11, DA80, MM19, JW28, and Gronk87 are young apprentices learning the ways of BB, TB12, & the power of the force to stay uncovered during passing plays. The Pats young apprentices MB21 & HighPower59 are mastering the Jet-eye mind trick and low points D Storm Troopers. They seem to convince opposing teams OC & DC that they have won before the game is over (start dreaming of the victory parade). The mindless L-team will not score again and are easily defeated (like 31pts unanswered in SB LI). Love it. Don't be a hater, Go Pats. DH59 -> DH Beast Mode. RB never miss your pass block on the best M-LB in the NFL ("it will cost your team pts.").

  • Roger that

  • now the question is how long will it take for the Patriots to have won more Superbowls without Tomy than with Tom

  • Thank you for watching the New England Football League.

  • Fuck the Patriots. FILA: Forever I Love Atlanta. I've been a Falcon fan since back when the Patriots were hot garbage truck juice. Fuck the Patriots.

  • If you dont like them talking about the NE Patriots then its simple turn the channel or you can pray your team step it up and get to the Super bowl and try and dethrone them.If not the NFL network, NFL Insiders, NFL Live, ESPNFirstTake, Undisputed, The Herd, Speak For Yourself, SportsNation and all the other sports shows gonna continue to talk about the patriots until they no longer on top and stop winning. if you not use to it after 16 years then you wont ever get use to it the hate only gonna grow. The 90s Bulls had to go through it, the 80s showtime Lakers had to go through it, the Boston Celtics had to go through it, the NY Yankees had to go through it all that hate comes with winning. In the Patriots case it drives them to go even harder so its like a double edged sword.


  • first of all this is coming from a New York Giant fan, make no mistake about it: I'm big blue all the way!!!!!! what the New England Patriots have accomplished is absolutely incredible the facts speak for themselves

  • Reasonable people in this panel with level heads. "Can we beat the Patriots? And we can't! " lmao….
    2017 Season…Undefeated with SB win 6!!

  • Subscribed because of Good Morning Football. I like that these guys can talk instead of just posing faux outrage, hot takes, and bad debate. Not necessarily knowledgeable about football but at least I can listen to them without my ears bleeding.

  • So theses guys throw a ball and someone else catches it, and they win 5 times, pfft…big deal

  • The only band wagon fans are the ones that come out of the woodwork when the pats loose and try to rub it in. There are people out there that just get jealous of great ness. And the Pats have been that for close to 20 years.

  • all of these Patriot Superbowl's are so close to. It just shows you how good and evenly matched these teams really are in the salary cap /free agency era. The patriots get the job done despite switching up their personnel as often as they do. Belichick never gets anywhere near the first pick of the first round in the draft, he's to busy winning. not that he really wants the first picks considering how much he would have to pay them. I just think the Patriots dynasty has been great and as Shannon Sharpe said "enjoy it because we'll never see it again". I hope Brady/Belichick can get at least one more together before throwing in the towel.

  • shitwit

  • I don't find it odd that a team that has dominated a sport to be accused of cheating. The Celtics in the 50's and 60's were accused of cheating when they were winning 11 rings in 13 years. Teh famous dead spot in the parkay floor in the Garden. However, the Celtics won just as often in away games on other team's floors.
    Plus when a Celtics player was traded, they never knew of any dull spot in the Garden to tell their teammates to avoid.

    The Patriots were accused of cheating twice:

    2007, Tapping with a video camera.
    The taping of defensive signals of opposing teams with a video camera located on the field in violation of the rule that you can't use video only film cameras to record defensive signals, and the camera must be in the stands.
    However, when the Patriots stopped taping defensive signals in 2007, like the Celtics on other teams floors, NE went 16-0 when supposedly they'd stopped cheating!!!

    Plus New England has been the most successful team in the NFL since they supposedly stopped cheating.

    How could they do that if they were winning before because they were cheating?
    If they were cheating why didn't their winning percentage go down after 2007, as you would expect?

    2014 Deflated balls.
    The Wells Report claims that the balls were at an average pressure of 11.11 psi at half-time (pg. 8 of Exponent's report [the NFL's scientific expert]), when the Ideal Gas Law said the balls should be no lower than 11.32 psi and no higher than 11.52 psi (pg. 113 of the Wells report). The Colts balls should be no lower than 11.8 psi and no higher than 12.0 psi
    (Pg. 113 note 66 below).

    Ergo the NFL claims the Patriots lowered their balls pressures by an average of 0.21 psi to gain an unfair advantage because Brady lies his balls a 12.29 psi rather than 12.5 psi. Twenty-one hundredths of a pound lower than allowed under the rules.

    Let's ignore the discussion of twenty-one hundredths of a pound being meaningless to the handling characteristics of a football, and is so small as to be totally undetectable to the human senses.

    This result is based upon the NFL's insistence that Referees recollection was wrong (Pg 51-52 of the Wells Report). Ref Andersen and Yette both stated to Wells that they used the Logo gauge to inflate the Patriots balls, the NFL insists that they used the Non-logo gauge which gave pressures .47 psi lower than the Logo gauge, even though they hae no evidence to counter the Ref's testimony.

    According the Exponent's report (Page 8), the balls average pressure at half-time as measured by the Logo gauge the Ref's stated they used, was 11.47 psi, right inside the 11.32 to 11.52 psi estimate of the Ideal Gas Law.

    So according to the only witnesses to the inflation of the balls, the NFL is lying!

    Further more, the NFL said that the difference in pressure between the Colts balls were not explainable by any means other than tampering. But the Refs reported they only measured 4 of the Colts balls because ti too so long to measure the Patriots balls that they ran out of time. Meaning the Colts balls sat in a warm room for about 12 minutes before they were measured..

    On page 31 of Exponent's report Figure 14, they post this chart

    "Figure 14. The variation of internal pressure of a football as the external temperature is varied."

    The chart shows that according to Exponent's own experiments replicating the temperatures inside and outside on the day of the AFC Championship, that balls they cooled to game day temperatures starting at 12.5 psi, needed only 15 minutes at the colder 47 degrees for its ball pressure to fall from 12.5 to 11.5. reaching 11.4 psi after 80 minutes at 47 degrees.

    When the balls were put in temperatures identical to the Ref's room at half-time the balls warmed up faster than they cooled down, reaching 12.4 psi in only 12 minutes! That is nearly a 0.9 psi rise in 12 minutes, the time the Colt's balls were sitting in the Ref's room before being tested.

    The Wells report stated that Colt's balls were inflated to 13 psi to start the game, and at halftime were:
    12.95 psi,
    12.80 psi
    12.75 psi, and
    12.70 psi.

    One ball was only Five-hundredths of a pound below its starting pressure of 13 psi at 12.95. The Ideal Gas Law estimate was that the Colts balls should be between 11.8 psi to 12.o psi!

    But in the end, like the Celtics, after the Patriots supposedly stopped cheating with ball pressures their win percentage actually rose!!! They got BETTER!!!

    If New England is always cheating how come when the stop cheating they do as well or better than they did when they were cheating? Is Bellichick a really bad cheater?
    He must be because when he doesn't cheat he does better than when he is cheating.
    Is that really possible?

    Ignoring everything else, why does New England not get worse when the stop cheating, if they are cheating?