Washington Redskins cornerback, Josh Norman, takes you inside his workout!

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  • Is this the guy that got beckham all sensitive?

  • Why he got that mask

  • this is why I think u cant say rugby players are better than american football players rugby players are way stronger but far slower on avergage they dont need these crazy fast feet which I think are awesome like look at that guys feet, american footballers are faster on average and more spry they jump they sprint, in american foot bal u drop the ball the play ends, in rugby u drop the ball u have to ruck for it (push)…

  • Odell is still going to beat him

  • haters gonna hate

  • Bringing Seahawks, 49ers, n redskins

  • Yet he can't cover AB

  • What cleats is he rockin?

  • This guy's cool, Odell's a punk

  • what is.that mask called I am in my second year of playing football and I am on varisity next year and I wanna stay in as long as I can

  • what now all that trash talking and he shut down Antonio brown and made him fumble he shut down julio jones and aj green and odell beckham to nobody got over 100 yards the only person that got close was obj and he will shut every one down next year to haters

  • All that ammo but no trigger

  • Richard Sherman is 10x better

  • Josh is my fav player

  • This is an athlete. He's not bulky at all. Just pure strength, speed, explosiveness and ability.

  • what is that mask hes wearing called

  • he is working on his upperbody so he can punch odell harder. ODELL WORK ON UR UPPER BODY OR JUST BECOME A FLASH

  • guarantee he will have cte when he is 45 just like everyone in the nfl

  • Dude kinda looks like TechN9ne

  • He isn't overrated at all. We should've paid him.

  • "Where I come from we unload the clip."

  • Is it just me or does he look like Kendrick Lamar in some angles