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“thunderbolts of lightning” by Teknoaxe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mDNl9pcyuk

“hip hop instrumental” by Otis Mcdonald https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCH8MDeX1gc

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  • KTO

    10k Subs! Thank you guys!

  • Most "so called" fans don't know that the Cleveland Browns were once the most feared team in Pro American Football! They are 8 X Pro American Football Champions! They went to 10 Pro American Football Championships "In A Row" and won 7 of the 10!
    When in the AAFC for 4 years, Browns owner Arthur McBride challenged the NFL to a play off game 4 years in a row. The NFL declined! What's that say? lol..

    Simply put the Cleveland Browns suffer from poor ownership, and have since Art SCUMdell bought the team. Then there were the Lerners who sucked ass as well, and now this total fucking clown HASLAM! Haslam obviously doesn't have a clue about football! 4 HC's since 2012? lol.. And now this unproven clown Jackson? Haslam needs to sell the team to a competent owner or take football lessons! The entire staff needs to be shit canned along with that ugly ass dawg, and the new puke colors! Start from scratch! Haslam should hand Cowher/Billick or any other "Proven" coach the check book and let them run the team. Personally I'd go with Cowher. He was a "Kardiac Kid"! The Browns fans deserve much better than this cesspool! Imagine if Art SCUMdell would have left well enough alone when Belichick was HC of the Browns? Guaranteed he would have added to the 8 Rings.

  • Ha Brown's

  • I love bill on the patriots patriots fan

  • saban was the DC in 95 for the browns

  • I'd like to thank the Browns for Willie Snead.

  • Nice videos man, just started watching today. You deserve more subs

  • Not bandwagon just love the pats born in beantown adopted and moved to Maine New England my only home and this is my only sports team

  • Excellent presentation…very enlightening! Sorry to say that I'm a PATS fan, but my heart goes out to Cleveland…my Dad grew up there.

  • when your owner fired the two greatest coaches in nfl history


  • you lost my sub when you made a "odell beckham overrated video" hoe much love and hate can 1 man get…

  • browns will win the super bowl next season

  • i would like to see history made in a Superbowl with the Lions vs the Browns that would be awesome!

  • Them damn bandwagon browns fans lmao 😂 you only like them because they fucking suck

  • cleveland browns are overrated

  • We all know Taylor Gabriel's college because it's the first one that pops up in madden

  • Feel sorry for you

  • Browns are better than the patriots.

  • I would rather be a browns fan than a patriots fan.

  • Dumbass browns fans

  • Superbowl and browns should not be in the same sentence.

  • You are a Browns fan ha gay

  • Hey… at least the browns are getting better… they killed the draft and it seems that their free agenting and trading seems almost… functional.

  • The Miami Dolphins organization is the only Dumbass organization in the NFL.They are the only organization that spend big on free agency when they are not suppose to.

  • You literally need to stop saying literally. Like literally every point you have is riddled with the word "literally" goddamn.

  • Here we go Brownies here we go

  • wow thats wat u look like

  • At least you're not a Falcon fan cause the Falcons brought everyone to that momement of climax and pulled away leaving jacking your dick off.

  • I feel your pain dude. I've been a Browns fan all my life. My dad has also been a DIE HARD since 1976. #DawgPound #Believeland

  • every time when you think your team is a mess just remember, the browns are worse 🙂

  • Cleveland suck but they have the best and loyalist fans in all of sport. One day, hopefully before I die, the team will turn it around and get there superbowl rings.

  • This is why we should thank the Browns 😂😂

  • I love the browns