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  • my best friend is anthony barrs cousin

  • Fuck anthony baar dirty and late blatant hit

  • Packer fans complain about this hit, but are totally cool with Clay Matthews taking cheap shots on quarterbacks when they go out of bounds, slide, and. after the ball was thrown.

  • He shouldn't of put his arm down especially not his throwing arm

  • He probably would of been ok if he didn’t try to brace his fall with his arm.

  • This hits a full second late Barr ahouldve been fined

  • Whats funny is there is more packer fans in Minnesota than there are viking fans

  • The announcers even said they were looking for a flag but nothing was thrown. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

  • Anthony Barr clearly tried to hurt him long after the ball was gone. He is as dirty as it gets. Can't win by playing clean, has to resort to dirty play.

  • Arron Rogers is a pussy

  • People act like he actually wants to hurt people. I know him personally and he just plays the sport the way it’s supposed to be played. Speaking as unbiased person this was a clean hit and the ball was thrown late.

  • Aaron always does those pump fakes and than throws one down the field for a touchdown. Barr did absolutely nothing wrong! SKOL!!!!!

  • The rule is more than ONE STEP. Barr did not take more than one. It's a clean hit. The end.

  • The hit was obviously dirty! If watch it carefully Barr wasn't running too fast to make himself stop or change his direction. This is intentional.

  • This ones on Arron. Barr was coming at him full speed and he decides to get rid of the ball late?.


  • so fucking unnecessary. not late

  • B

    Wheres that block Martellus? Now you're with Belichick Squad again. Sketchy.

  • Fuck Anthony Barr I hope he get hurt he didn't even try to help Aaron Rodgers Out Or Anything he just walked off as to say I don't give a flying a Fuck Anthony Barr is Bitch

  • it absolutely was a dirty hit …he got rid of the ball ..and barr never even tried to stop …clearly barr can see him start to throw the ball at 0:20 … 2 seconds later he tackles him high and drives him into the ground …shouldve drawn a late hit flag …clearly a dirty play .

  • Personal foul

  • totally dirty play….you'll get YOURS, queen-ass muthafuckers..

  • rodgers yells "fk you, FK YOU!………….niggr" and Barr gives him a racial gesture just like the Astros player did in the world series, except he's making fun of white guy's peni$ size. check it out: