Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues his incredible hot streak, as he leads his team to their seventh consecutive victory with a 38-13 victory over the New York Giants.

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  • The almighty giants defense lmao 😂 and well Eli being Eli, when your defense can't win you the game

  • Aaron Rodgers showing GOAT material

  • poetry besides museum capable quiet arrange storm radical street.

  • And Odell wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL? Whata joke he needs to prove he is worth that type of money cuz this game shows why he shouldn't be

  • shepard you could have coult that .

  • come on odell you have got that.

  • Giants D is terrific, granted.
    But how about that GB O-line.
    Look at the time Rodgers has to work on.

  • Is it football season yet?

  • odel choked so much in this game

  • I'm sorry but if you're a PRO CB or Defender why are you getting multi-million dollar contracts if you can't cover someone for more than 5-10 seconds. Inexcusable!!!

  • How was that not a false start on #73 at 1:51???

  • Odell Beckham jr hey

  • I forgot how big of a joke Odell was this game

  • ELI showed ELI SHOWED UP we couldve been up by two touchdowns if……u know what im not even gonna say it…..we taking it this year #GIANTSDOMINATIION

  • Odell sucks at football

  • 5:06 BECKHAM Sucks at catching the ball, hes trash! !

  • Are we just going to ignore that Cobb pushed off on the hail mary?

  • lol that's bad sportsmanship to try to return a pick 6 when you have already won.

  • cool

  • Manning would have 3 touchdowns if his recievers showed up

  • yo Odell! instead of working on ur stupid gay ass Td celebrations….. work on catching the god damn football in the end one! god damn! can't believe u missed that!!

  • this could've either been a very close game but Odell and Shephard had butter fingers and the Giants didn't pick up the fumble omg lol

  • Bruh playoff Eli was ballin this game. No Pierre Paul injured Drc and receivers dropping passes killed them.

  • gaints super bowl champs 2018

  • The only game that Odell does bad HAS TO BE THIS ONE >.<

  • I don't get why the giants didn't take the packers, a team that beat them once this season, serious

  • GO PACK GO!!Dominated "playoff Eli"

  • I don't care what anyone says, but Odell is NOT the best receiver in the league! Ever since he made that catch against the cowboys, he thinks he's the best ever! Naw!! Try again.

  • He chocked in the playoff game and now he wants a new contract come on broo.

  • Probably should have rested your starters vs Wash.

  • It's so ironic to say that the reason they lost was because of Odell Beckham. He's a choke artist I'm sorry. It's usually Eli manning but those throws to Beckham were almost perfect. Either chemistry was off, or Beckham just can't catch a football.

  • Eli showed up. Nobody else did. Also, the Giants were missing DRC, one of the best slot corners in the league. He has the speed to cover Cobb. Game would have been much different if the receivers started catching balls.

  • well at least they can still talk about David Tyree

  • all those drops is why you don't have a gay boat party before the game.

  • Odell where u at this game?!

  • the packers were awesome

  • Hands down, Aaron Rodgers is the Hail Mary king

  • I don't understand the name "Odell"

  • I hate That in football and basketball they don't celebrate after advancing in the playoffs the way they do in baseball and hockey

  • why are the Packers still even considered a pro football team…

  • Eli, Odell, the O line, the defense… The Giants played like crap.

  • 5:05 why doesn't he continue to run underneath that ball and grab it over the shoulder…??

  • Someone got exposed

  • I miss football 😔😢😕

  • Y'all don't realize how cold it was in Green Bay. let me see y'all play in that cold weather catching bullet passes from Eli

  • We should have won

  • Nasty play to Jordy… I still can't believe they didn't call a penalty!