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Shahid Khan | Jacksonville Jaguars | NFL London

We profile American entrepreneur Shahid Khan, owner of the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC. We ask Jacksonville Jaguars fans at the NFL London game @ Wembley Stadium what they think of Shahid Khan and get a...

Whole Jacksonville Jaguars Team Agrees To Kneel Before National Anthem At Jets

The Jacksonville Jaguars plan to take a knee before the national anthem is played prior to their game at the New York Jets on Sunday. Players say in a statement that ''every one of us'' will ''kneel to pray for...

New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

In this episode we preview the New York Jets fourth game of the year against the Jacksonville Jaguars at MetLife Stadium. Can the Jets build off of their dominant victory over the Dolphins? What are the keys to the...

Jacksonville Jaguars players address Donald Trump’s comments – RealSport exclusive

RealSport spoke with members of the Jacksonville Jaguars about Donald Trump's comments regarding protesting, and their own acts (and those of their teammates) of protest. GO TO VIDEO

Jacksonville Jaguars Entrance Wembley 2017

YouTube has cut the first 30 seconds of audio because of a track from Dunkirk OST. I couldn't hear it but oh well. Here is the Jacksonville Jaguars entrance vs the Baltimore Ravens at Wembley. GO TO VIDEO

Ravens vs. Jaguars | NFL Week 3 Game REACTION

Like.Comment.Subscribe we need to all stand together and make a change yall. SUBSCRIBE GO TO VIDEO

Jacksonville Jaguars 2017-18 Touchdown Song

Jacksonville Jaguars Touchdown Song used during the 2017-18 NFL season. ================================== 0:00 Reverb 0:44 No Reverb ================================== 🎡Song: Bro Hymn-Pennywise ================================== πŸ’¬ Join the channel discord! https://discord.gg/BaRjDPc ================================== Follow me on twitter and Instagram here! 🐦 www.twitter.com/n2balex πŸ“· www.instagram,com/n2balex ================================== 🐻 Check out my Bruins Blog at http://bruins.frozenfaceoff.net/ ================================== GO TO VIDEO

British Jaguars Fans – Jags in London

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be building quite the following in London. GO TO VIDEO

Madden 18 – Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars- Full Game Simulation Nation

Full game simulation of Madden 18 Week 3 simulation of NFL Games. All Simulations are done on PS4 GO TO VIDEO


Dear Calvin Johnson: Charles Tillman’s Open Letter to Megatron | NFL...

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman writes and voices an open letter to former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Subscribe to NFL...