The NFL Total Access crew breaks down the gameplan for the Week 2 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers.

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  • I love the Panthers so glad they won


  • Panthers have better defense than the jets

  • go panters

  • Bills 26 panthers 22 final

  • Bills 49 Panthers 3

  • Bill 30 Panthers 17 final score

  • I had no idea there were so many NFL analysts on the YouTube comment section. I am so lucky!!
    By the way, super bowl 50 was sooo funny! Cam newton is a cuck!

  • L A

    Buffalo wins

  • I think us panthers get the victory at our home 24-14 because cam Newton say what you want about him last week he got better as the game went on and also the panther defense looks like a monster to

  • People appear to be forgetting these two teams are the ones who have to play the game. Never totally dismiss a team that looks incapable on paper.

  • Didn't seem like they committed to saying which team they thought would win. Weak!

  • Espn talkers are great wish I could say the same for CNN and Msnbc

  • Panthers 17 Bills 16

  • Think people underestimate the Bills offense. They played to NY's weakness and should have scored 31 (Clay missed that 1st TD rec and then the missed FG). Not bad at all, and they dominated the run game as always, and it was week 1! Bills Defense bent but did not break. Not many "big" plays if any at all allowed. But a solid game overall (12 points in the books but the defense is supposed to allow under 14 against a bad team, and they did)
    Carolina did very much the same against the 49ers. San Fran is a very bad team, as well in the middle of a rebuild as are the Jets. Cam Newton's health is the factor here. Mcaffery is their sole offensive weapon in this game if Newton cannot deliver in the passing game. Carolina has the hands down advantage in receivers but that's negated by Newtons inability to efficiently throw the ball… So this game will come down to McCoy vs Mcaffery…. I'm picky shady for this one.
    Bills 20-17

    Honestly I cannot say for sure who will won this one. It will come down to penalties, turnovers and injuries. All the variables we cannot account for at this time.
    The final will be in between 24 (highest possible scored for either team) – 17 (lowest possible) but I'm still going for a Bills win.


  • Bills are 5 an 1 against the Panthers enough said

  • 31-14 bills mark my words

  • Mccaffrey had 18 touches! He didn't do a lot? Ok…

  • Bills win big in my opinion.

  • If Kelvin Benjamin or Greg Olsen get some catches this will be a blowout.

  • 7-0 panthers win

  • Buffalo Panther fans really believe that beating up the Jets is a chance to beat the real Panthers If the Jets were your test well the 49ERS was our week 5 preseason game

  • Where the Bills fans at? Bills 20 Panthers 17. Come on Buffalo. Lets get some Bills fans to Like this comment!!!!!

  • Go Panthers!!! Good LuckTeam!!!

  • Go Panthers!!! Good LuckTeam!!!

  • Go Panthers!!! Good LuckTeam!!!

  • Go Panthers!!! Good LuckTeam!!!

  • Go Panther

  • Panthers 5 – Bills 1

  • Buffalo 23
    Carolina 29