During Week 12 of the 2013 season Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos visited Tom Brady’s New England Patriots for Sunday Night Football. After half Manning held a 24-0 lead, but Brady made a historic second half comeback to claim the overtime win.

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  • damnit welker

  • Wow! Do you guys think they could ever top a 24 point comeback!?!

  • Miguel

  • Classic game. Still hurts to this day but I'll never forget this game!

  • Peyton Manning Thought a (24-0) Lead at Halftime Was Good Enough For The Win, (31-34)
    Patriots Overtime Win.

  • The GOAT vs HGH Manning

  • Atlanta: Hey Denver I got something better than a blown 24 point lead?

    Denver: Yeah what is it?

    Atlanta: 25 point lead blown in the super bowl!

  • Brady can have this lucky bogus comeback in the regular season .. Peyton's comeback from 18 down in the afc championship was wayyyy better

  • I feel like he tries to get famous bye making comebacks when they were being beat like 24-0 then they play good and win or fail like they did in the 2016 season vs seahawks

  • Why does manning passing looks so trash?

  • No other Qb match up will be as hype as this. A-Rod vs Brady in the Super Bowl maybe, but not a regular season game

  • Atlanta be like: hold my beer

  • Brady is the GOAT. Never choked in a big lead

  • There have been so many games where you just can't count Tom Brady out. I think the one that will be forever overlooked is the game against the 49ers back in 2012. They were down 31-3 by the 3rd quarter and somehow Brady led the Pats on a 28-0 scoring rampage and tied the game up within about 1 1/4 quarters. Then right after that tying TD the special teams gave up a massive kickoff return that was followed by an immediate TD. Pats lost 41-34, but the fact that he managed to get them back in the game against a great defense at the time is something I will always remember.

  • All you pats fans suck

  • 1:25 beautiful pass

  • I hit the blunt

  • Pats must've had snickers at halftime

  • I hate you Tom Brady

  • I hate the folking patriots

  • whenever someone accuses the pats of cheating at Superbowl 51, cause of the comeback, I just show them this game because of how Superbowl 51 wasn't the first time the pats had to make a comeback.

  • Manning vs Brady was one of the greatest rivalries in NFL Qb History

  • Peyton n Tom are the best qbs ever period. Joe Montana isn't even close. When Tom retires we will miss both Tom n peyton there will never be 2 like them n peytons record 55tds will never be broke n tome bradys 5 superbowls will never be broke

  • stg every one of "brady's comebacks" his defense gives up 0 after being down until the offense comes back lmfao

  • The goat vs the five head

  • Whoever bet on Denver was probably kicking themselves after this one

  • One of the greatest games ever. I'll never forget this one. We had mistake after mistake, but the guys pulled through like Patriots do.

  • I still remember when talib was on the Patriots

  • i never lost hope during the superbowl because i remembered us coming back in this game! 🙂

  • brah

  • bronco's defense was fire

  • beat that by one point 4 yrs later

  • great play by Logan Ryan.

  • Sad when your kicker has to win it😬

  • Brady is the GOAT, this game shows how even a great defense can't stop the GOAT.

  • The two teams have met each other 51 times (including 5 postseason games), with the Denver Broncos winning 30 games and the New England Patriots winning 21 games.

    🙂 .. eff all you yankees ..

  • I was so mad when New England was fumbling the ball to much when the Broncos was doing it. I do not like the Broncos

  • Denver rocks

  • says alot when they came back. Broncos could barely hold on to their lead. Peyton was carried by his defence in this game.

  • Eli Manning>>>>>Tom Brady…Eli Manning is the GOAT Slayer

  • Someone hit that Blount hard 😂

  • Tom Brady is simply the GOAT. In this year manning had a top five defense, a top three WR, Brady's old favorite target, and a top LT at the time in Ryan Clady to go along with an elite oline. What did brady have? A 26th ranked defense, a 7th round QB out of kent state turned WR, and the most injury prone TE in the league that he only had for half the season. Pats Record:12-4
    Broncos Record:13-3
    All of those idiots who say that peyton manning beat brady in the AFC championship games are the same idiots who say Eli bested brady. Brady was the reason the pats were there in 2013 and he did not have gronk, his starting tight end was michael hoomanamanui walking into one of the hardest places to play in the NFL. The patriots lost but only 26-18, just looking at these two teams it should have been 56-0. The second time they met the broncos offense looked better with BROCK OSWEILER during the season, and that defense was the reason they were there. Brady had a makeshift O-Line and any other QB would have had to be carried out on a stretcher. If Stephen Gostkowski didnt choke and just made an XP the patriots would have beaten the broncos.