Former QB Brett Favre delivers his speech as he is inducted into the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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  • 🙌🏾 Green-bay Packer God Brett Favre 🏈🤴🏼👑❤️

  • Brett Favre is the George W Bush of football

  • Idk why people always thank God for their achievements. YOU were a hall of fame QB, Brett. God didn't do that. If God didn't exist at all, you would still be in the hall of fame. God's effect, in the way people seem to portray him in acceptance speeches, is indistinguishable from nonexistence. In a hypothetical scenario where no gods exist, we would still have hall of fame QBs. No god required. Some people have talent, and they don't need God to give it to them.

    I know this seems kind of petty, but it just drives me insane to see people who worked so hard to get where they are being so quick to give all the credit to someone they can't even prove exists.

  • It must have been VERY hard being Brett's brother…I know his sister has had her difficulties and nephew has to play football in his famous uncle's shadow…this man's life IS a Hollywood movie…met his wife at 14, dad was his HS coach, a mother who taught him the value of people as a special ed teacher…unreal stuff, but part of the American story and one core thread…family and relationships…Brett's relational strength was his greatest asset, not his golden arm!

  • Always great to see Brett Favre and damn great QB to watch over the years

  • Thank you Brett

  • 9:40 When that edible finally hits you

  • I will love that guy til I'm gone, he embodied wha t it is to be a true pro. God Bless him and his fans alike, we love ya Brett

  • Absolute favorite NFL player ever.

  • His lady is an amazing and beautiful woman married with a class act.

  • Who is he ??

  • Sup

  • my boy Brett

  • Cool

  • Top 5 QBs of all time

    5. Dan Marino
    4. Brett Favre
    3. Joe Montana
    2. Peyton Manning
    1. Tom Brady

  • Yall some salty packer fans lol I remember majority of packer fans insulted him for joining the Vikings and now they wanna pledge him after his retirement. Smh

  • 2020

  • one of my favorite hater player of all time. …go vikes

  • The only two players in NFL history that I would stay and want to listen to are Brett Farve and Ray Lewis

  • 37:15 they're cheering because the speech is over

  • Good looking family !

  • I am a Seahawks fan but Brett farve is awesome

  • Awesome player, but even more importantly a great and loving man.

  • Steve Young was better!

  • 🎶 Standing in the Hall of Fame. The world's gonna know your name.🎶

  • Favre for president

  • This man is a class act but for anyone to think he's better than Brady is comical.

  • My favorite part about Hall of Fame enshrinement is that it seems to bring out the best in it's inductee and that's certainly the case here with Brett Favre. There's no doubt the pressures of football put tremendous strains on family. That he takes the time to focus on his family, thank them— was not only important but also a beautiful thing to watch.

  • Brett Favre will go down as the only NFL Hall Of Famer that choked without hurting His legacy… MARK MY WORDS.

    And I'm a Saints fan(that interception was clutch in that game)

  • Irv would be proud

  • for surprise hes a fake Christian Republican it makes sense

  • So 69 people suck.

  • Coming from a all time eagles fan Brett is one of the GOATS

  • Got me to play when I wasn't going to let my team down, and has inspired me to do special things. And for giving me that feeling with GOD giving me two boys that wanted to play foot ball was the greatest gift my wife and God to bless me with Son's And my 13 yr old was 6' tall 295#'s 53" inch chest Benching 325 and repping 225 20 times he had the chance and tore his ACL his sn yr so bad he is done. But I loved every second of it. By my older son was were I went to high school and won a state championship with my son was playing # 10 pick in NFL draft qb Blaine Gabbert he played on local CBS and ESPN2 I told him to enjoy every second of it because not everyone experiences. My youngest was 8 yrs younger and started playing league football at 8 played for the same select team of 25 kids in a 31 team league. It took him 2 yrs to learn if that 3'4" 100 pound kid if he was dumb enough to run near you have to do your job your team counts on you. Started LT all 5 yrs at the junior level to play with the same team they had a chemistry that made them much better than they should have been because we had no team speed and their where kids one ran a 14 flat 100 meters at 10 we had no one to tackle him first four times we played him he avg 4 tds every game until one game when they were thirteen this kid had already been recruited at 7 th grade with a full ride to one off the private schools 25,000 a yr. But he was on a sweep and we had the people to tackle him and he landed on the solar plexis so he started to throw up and couldn't make it back and we beat his team to go to a 10-0 season and a super bowl.