Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Bill Walsh highly popularized the idea of the “West Coast Offense”. In this segment of “A Football Life: Bill Walsh” NFL Films documents the fight between the old-school NFL ground-and-pound and burgeoning West Coast offense.

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  • Bill Walsh, Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick.

    If you're coach is named Bill, you're in good hands.

  • I find it funny how people say that Tom Brady isn't the GOAT because he was simply a product of the system, why is that never said about Joe Montana and his amazing West Coast offense?

  • new england is the perfect example of the west coast offense

  • Footwork Footwork Footwork!! Great video, especialy the footage with the legendary Bill Parcells.

  • This is pretty much the Patriots & Packers offense.

  • The timing of your feet Steve.. I am Like What?? LOL RIP Coach… you were a genius of football.

  • The West Coast Offense started in Cincinnati.

  • Actually the Vikings ran a "West Coast Offense Style" in the 1970's with Fran Tarkenton and Chuck Foreman under Jerry Burns as Offensive Coordinator.  It was a short passing game that was highly effective.  But when you don't win a Superbowl you don't get the Credit.

  • Those tapes are gold.

  • Greatest. Mind. Ever.Bill Walsh is awesome.

  • Al Davis actually was one of the pioneers of the precursors of the West Coast Offense- Al just called it the Vertical Game… Spreading the field vertically. He allowed Daryle LaMonica to sling it for the Raiders in the late 60s/early 70s. Then Ken Stabler and Plunket did it before the Niners ever won their first lombardi.

  • Yah right,the west coast offence was really just the air coyell offence. When will coyell get in the HOF?!!?

  • It would have been interesting to see how San Francisco would have done if they had played in the NFC East during the 80's instead of playing in the West with the Rams, Falcons, and the Saints. The Redskins, Giants, and Eagles and the Bears (in the Central) played a much different style than the 49ers.

  • This guy was an offensive genius, he knew exactly what he was doing.

  • when the brows were still good …

  • God Bless Bill,as a Native San Franciscan and a person who bleeds red and gold,I'm still distraught that he passed; to me and you can take this whoever you'd like the man is a diety

  • Back when coaches looked sharp on the sidelines

  • I may be a Pittsburgh steelers fan.from Pittsburgh.but the best QB .ever was joe montana

  • Bill Walsh, probably the only man more obsessed with feet than Rex Ryan

  • "I was like…..really Bill" xDDD

  • All Hail Bill Walsh.

  • greatest coach ever no question

  • Something that doesn't get mentioned here is the fact that the rules were changing to open up the passing game. Timing routes are a huge part of the West Coast offense. Prior to the rule changes, they were not really possible, as receivers could not be counted on to be in a certain spot, at a certain time, because DBs could mug them all the way down the field, and O-Lineman could only block with their forearms, not their hands, which gave the quarterback far less time to throw. The WCO was a genius philosophy, but the rules changes in the late 70s that opened up the passing game are what made it possible.

  • The Bears of the 80s were much more fun to watch. Great dominating hard hitting defense. A Physical dominating offense and very colorful characters. I miss real football like that

  • The Niners defense was always overlooked. Just take a look at where there defenses were ranked from 81-90.

  • Happy birthday bill walsh 84 years young

  • I love to hear Bill Parcels bitch about the headsets. Walsh knew not to trust Parcels and his defensive coordinator Bill Belichick. He made them start the game by calling plays and not stealing them. Advantage: Walsh. He was always a little paranoid about other teams spying. Before the Super Bowl in '88 he stopped a team practice and pulled his team off of the practice field because a helicopter kept hovering above the field.

  • 49ers need to watch this!

  • best offense ever, look at some of the teams, that are undefeated.

  • 4:47
    Lott: "I was like, really Bill?"

  • God damn joe took a shot

  • Like they say at the end, as much of a genius as Walsh was, as many countless thousands of hours he spent during his life perfecting his craft and his strategies, and as good of a roster of legends that he had like Rice and Montana, they still managed to score just 3 points in each of those 2 playoff losses to the Giants.  I don't say that as a knock on Walsh, just pointing out how difficult it is to succeed at this level of football, even for guys who at times made it look easy.

  • Walsh looks like Pete Carroll at 0:07

  • Niko, the Bengals only beat Chargers by 20 in the Freezer Bowl, they beat them by 23 earlier in the season AT San Diego, so can't blame the weather for Chargers getting beat. They just were nowhere near as good as Cincy that year. Bengals shut down their O and simply rolled over their D. They called the dogs off in the game at SD or they might have won by 40