“A Football Life: Bill Walsh” documents the decision that changed the path of the San Francisco 49ers franchise, should the Niners stick with MVP and Super Bowl winner Joe Montana or switch to the up-and-coming Steve Young?

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  • When Montana was traded was he past his prime ? Learning about this I had no idea him and young were competing for starting , kinda disrespectful for a qb who did so much

  • Montana is a Hall of Famer, Young is a Hall of Famer. This is the problem. Both are number one QBs.

  • One thing I couldn't stand was that people said that Tom Brady was the creation of Bill Belichick. One could say the same for Joe Montana, also before you say that Joe is better than Tom cause he never lost a Superbowl, remember that neither Joe Flacco or Eli Manning have lost, so does that make them better than Peyton Manning(who lost 2 Superbowls).

  • John Lynch played under Bill Walsh at Stanford and Mike Shanahan at Denver. Mike Shanahan was OC of Montana and Young's Niners. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have a chance to bring back that old spirit and drive. let's hope for the best!

  • Montana won 4 Super Bowls in 9 years. In those 4 games he had 11 TD passes, 0 interceptions, with a 127.8 passing rating. He definitely brought it in big games.

  • Both were great. Young lost some good years playing behind Montana, but from 87 – 90 Montana was a bit better. Flash forward to 92' and Young had won the spot, the trade was the right move despite Montana having some good years left in him.

  • Steve young best left hand QB of all time hands down

  • I love football forever will be a nigga favorite sport

  • Blaine and Colin 2.0

  • It "is what it is." You have two starting quarterbacks. Both can and did take the team to the Super Bowl and win. Two unyielding egos, both great athletes. Both winners. The mistake was giving birth to a "quarterback controversy." Had I been the coach, Montana would clearly have been named starting quarterback, period. Steve Young, that's my future starting quarterback when Montana proved consistently he no longer had the physical tools. Professional football is clearly a business. If an athlete has it, he plays, period. Joe earned the starting job, FIRST! Like it, or not, Steve was INSURANCE to win. Would I have benched Montana when today wasn't his day? Yes I would. I'd do it in a heartbeat! As head coach, I'm paid to do one thing and one thing only, WIN! And as much as Steve would hate it, I would have made it very, very clear to him, Joe is and will be my starting quarterback until he can't do it anymore. And if you can't deal with that, let me know and we can trade you. Not a problem.

  • I got love for Young, But there is absolutely no one or will there ever be anyone like Joe Montana

  • It's like picking between your two kids. Which do you love more?

  • Walsh had too much pressure on him from Eddie and himself to succeed. I can see why he was second guessing Joe……His job was on the line and he couldn't focus.

  • Joe and Steve are the reason I love the 49ers but honestly, Steve young out performed Joe Montana, considering the fact that Joe was lucky enough to be Bill Walsh's first masterpiece, Young was only part of Bill Walsh's brilliant tactics.. Joe was master of keeping cool and coming back from sure defeats, but Steve had heart and made himself a player who in his short lived career in SF overcame doubtful fans and shunning comments from the media put his name in the hof and beat a couple of Joe's records from only 1 superbowl…

  • Because of this joe Montana hates Steve young to this day! There have been so many times when Montana wouldn't show up to a niners reunion party, because young was going to be there.

  • Wait 2 QB's isn't Young a back up QB wtf!!!

  • Walsh was retarded he wanted to get rid of a 4 time Super Bowl champ, idiot yea Young was pretty good actually but it's all Bill, he should've got fired and not cut Montana, unless they did but I think they did cause he played for the Kansas City Chiefs

  • Walsh revolutionized the game, not only with his tactical innovations, but also with how he organized and prepared his teams.  All NFL teams today train and prepare following Walsh’s model.

    Despite Walsh’s brilliance, however, his biggest flaw was that he considered all of his players expendable, even Montana.  Here’s what Walsh failed to grasp about the psychology of the game:  players will do whatever it takes to justify a coach’s faith in them.  But likewise, they won’t sacrifice anything for a coach who undermines his faith in them.

    When Walsh retired from the NFL after Super Bowl 23, many 49ers said publicly that they burned with total desire to prove Walsh wrong in 1989.  Indeed, after Walsh retired, the 49ers repeated as NFL champs in 1989 while setting the record for average margin of victory in the playoffs (33 points per game), a record that still stands today.  Undoubtedly, it seems Walsh would have done better to show faith and loyalty in his players rather than undermining them.

  • greatest coach in the history bar none in the history of football

  • Bill Walsh was the best football coach of all time as he purposefully integrated his coaching staff. RIP, dude.