Deion Sanders sits down with his former teammate and current WWE Star Bill Goldberg to talk about their time in the NFL together.

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  • Best Db of all time

  • that is so cool you talk to your boy like that everyone needs that plus I'm sure he appreciates

  • Noooooooooooooooorm

  • My favorite wrestler ever! There will never be another Goldberg.

  • Classic

  • Goldberg played 3 years with the Falcons, totaling 11 tackles in 15 games played.

  • I wish to see GOLDBERG in the next MADDEN NFL games for all the teams he's been, please

  • this is just too damn cool 😊

  • wow GOLDBERG is a beast…. nice

  • Bill Goldberg will finally see his Atlanta Falcons win a super bowl.


  • damn if goldberg & deion wouldve stayed longer wit da falcons they wouldve been a force to be reckoned with n definitely win a superbowl

  • Deion Sanders won super bowls with the 49'ers and Cowboys.

  • Goldberg was in the NFL? That explains a lot. Goldberg looks younger than 49 .

  • Spear, jackhammer, pin.

  • Goldberg looking flabby and sick like Larry Holmes out there. Brock will destroy him

  • Haha! That was great. πŸ˜„

  • he looks like vin diesel. one on d left

  • Big nub in his mouth

  • Goldberg is great and one of wrestler

  • Who's Next? = Brock

  • OMG OMG The Man …..The Man……The Man Again In shape …Wow ….Goldberg Gain his Shape very soon to kick ass of Brock lenser ass.

  • "IT'S COMING BACK" I told ya'll. 49 ain't to late this is Goldberg dammit. Wake up and realize who you're looking at.

  • holy crap goldberg had a cool haircut

  • goldberg back in shape, which enough to win against brock.

  • Hard to believe Goldberg was a football player. ….dang! :).

  • Does anyone know if Deion is really a falcon fan or does he root for the cowboys or 49ers.

  • I knew he was in the NFL before but Dammm Goldberg played with prime. Didn't know that

  • impressive body fitness of bill goldberg at this age ….brock is nxt

  • Goldberg arm definition pretty impressive πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ his future is Brock, seith Rollins and lastly undertaker don't ask me how I found out πŸ˜‰

  • Damn Goldberg played football. That explains a lot true athlete.

  • They really sound like the best of friends too man

  • Goldberg!