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  • Cam Newton is like the none injured version of D Rose had an mvp year choked in the playoffs and wasn't heard of the next year. Also show top Brady and Peyton TD runs.

  • Brady sucks a poop can come out of your butt faster than Brady can run

  • The Steelers pick six against Bucs should have been called back. Due to a block in the back on the qb. (Sorry for bad english)

  • Khalil Mack is not a big guy

  • Best College Football "Big Guy" Moments?

    Also: I'm pretty sure the commentator at 1:28 is the same guy that commentated the 2016 Big Ten Championship Game. I would know because I'm a Penn State fan. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • You assumed everyone in this videos gender.

  • No dan Connolly 70+ years kickoff return !?!?

  • 1:18 Typical Josh Freeman. What a joke.

  • Best effort from special teams (like diving into the endzone to down the ball on the one yard line)

  • first time i ever see BIG BEN use a visor lol!

  • Go go go yesss he got in

  • Patriots ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The James Harrison pick was Super Bowl XLIII , I remember him doing that.

  • No Eddy Lacy ?

  • Mobile coin store= fast way to get banned and scammed.

  • fletcher cox vs jaguars?

  • "Harrison… Harrison….. Harrison… HARRISON"

  • I love your background music in the beginning of every video you make. 0:000:10

  • Can you do touchdowns on 4th down?

  • I was expecting this whole video to be about Eddy Lacy lol

  • i love these plays. all the showboating, over confident high scorers become so excited for their teammate that they will go all out to keep the big guy alive for his one chance at glory… love it! its those kinda moments that the team really comes together

  • Do the best stiff arms

  • do more big guy vid man, pls

  • jj watt doesn't count as a big guy because he's fast

  • khalil Mack don't count either

  • Do a part 3 I love these kind of vids

  • As a big guy I love watching big guys number 77 for the touchdown that's my number

  • 3:00 Wow 250 pound Eddie Lacy got wrecked lol

  • Where da fat niggas at? They be really making plays

  • 3:23 That was a good game!

  • Highlight Heaven you should do best game starting plays for touchdown.

  • much love