“The Timeline” takes a look at how fog surrounded Soldier Field during the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles 1988 NFC Divisional game.

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  • Bill nye your moms a guy

  • Instead of EERIE fog it should be Michigan fog cuz it was god that came from Lake Michigan not lake eerie

  • 2:33 Bill Nye?

  • I was at this game. I sat near the goal line on the south end, so I got a good view of the fog when it first rolled in. It came over the south end like a tidal wave. It looked like white smoke more than fog, and after about 30 minutes, we couldn't see anything more than about 50 feet ahead of us. It was surreal. One person held up a sign that read "what the fog is going on?!?"

  • These people really haven't seen fog like that before?

  • Some say Tom Brady was born

  • I was cool with it until Bill Nye

  • “Sanders goes right, aaand disappears in the haze” lmaooo

  • Bill Nye the science guy does anyone watch that

  • I watched this game as well! The game should have been canceled or rescheduled !

  • Bill Nye

  • Want to improve baseball? Play through ALL weather conditions. Including rain, snow, hail, and yes, fog…

  • I love how the NFL couldn't even afford an actual scientist to explain fog. Instead we get the engineer that identifies as a scientist. He's career fluid.

  • Fog isn't science, fog is fog, science is science they can be related but one is not the other Bill, science is a means of humans observation and giving it a quality and quantity that's testable by measurements and other parameters we can understand. Fog forms for many reasons but not because of the human's creation of science which is just advanced observation with some tests thrown in, fog existed before science and will exist after science as we know it is gone along with us.

  • Bill Nye the PC guy

  • What was Cheech & Chong doing at the stadium that day?

  • You gotten love act of God football games

  • We get it you vape

  • BILL!!!!!

  • we are not on a spectrum


  • Bill nye the fog bowl guy

  • Bruh Jason Blundell let the fog roll in

  • Strangest sporting event I have ever seen – I was 12 when this was played and it still is. Also odd is that it was 50 degrees in Chicago in January that day. The next week when the Bears played the 49ers it was about 6 degrees.

  • Good thing there was no cubs game at the time

  • "An act of God."

    God works in mysterious ways, mainly by not working at all.

  • Bill! Bill! Bill!..

  • I need that instrumental at 1:51

  • NFL meets "The Mist"

  • The fog bowl